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Computer-Assisted Language Learning for All to help students, teachers and researchers to improve their language learning or teaching in English or Japanese by the use of modern technology. CALL Professional Organizations Worldwide. Access to web dictionaries. Vocabulary developers. Useful links and resources.

The overall goal of CALL4ALL.US is to provide all the services one could ever need in overcoming the language barrier. Any services not currently existing on this website can be found through our extensive links. These include:

  • All known Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) organizations world-wide are listed. Contact us with any we have missed, please!
  • Hundreds of excellent mostly free online web dictionaries. English language links can be found in the English to foreign dictionaries, and foreign language links are located in the foreign to English dictionaries.
  • Thousands of great links for teaching or learning English, especially to speakers of other languages, also known as TESOL / ESL / EFL.
  • The most thorough Mother of Bibliographies on Second Language Vocabulary Acquisition is found here, with many articles, books and vocabulary learning links recommended on this subject of central importance in learning any language.
  • A full Online Reading Lab has been added, with the kind permission of its author, William Balsamo.
  • An advanced online course that is integrated with REAL LANGUAGE USE IN WRITING AND SPEAKING BY "PUSHED OUTPUT PRODUCTION" is included under "Double Your Vocabulary Using the Semantic Field Keyword Approach. (SFKA)" Try it!
  • An English for Advanced / Specific / Technical Purposes (EAP / ESP / ETP) Course has been added with articles from various engineering fields, which is processed by using both the "Pushed Output Production" method of the author, along with Rikai.Com's excellent instant access online bilingual glossing.
  • Many other language learning resources are listed here, such as Safe Homestays in English-Speaking Countries, Free International Bible Translations, and Links to Electronic Dictionary and Language Software Vendors for many language pairs.

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Advanced Vision: Improving Bilingual Education

AVIBE consists mainly of Dr. John Paul Loucky`s Research Office at Seinan Women`s University at 1-3-2 Ibori, Kitakyushu, Fukuokaken, JAPAN 803 (Phone / fax: (Japan) 81-93-583-5748)

Dr. John Paul Loucky

Research articles:

1. Using Computerized Bilingual Dictionaries: English-Japanese
2. Recommended TESOL resources / software / sites
3. Vocabulary Learning Strategies Survey & Taxonomy
4. Recommended Common Core Vocabulary Lists by Topic, Frequency, EAP / ESP Use, etc.


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