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Improbable Planet: How Earth Became Humanity’ Home (Astro-Physicist Hugh Ross’s GREAT new book)

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EFL Classroom Blog and Directory (D Deubel)

Collaborative Sharing for Teachers and Webheads using Tapped In Integrates VOA, Daily Proverbs, ESL Podcasts, Quizzes, L1 & L2 Dictionaries and Search Engines.

Kelly Ten-Dictionaries in One Online Encyclopedia
History, Cultural Literacy, Fine Arts, etc.

365 ESL Short Stories: Extensive Reading with full Dictionary and Listening Support! Listening and Reading Free Site for Intermediate ESL Learners delivers any online Newspaper in any language you'd like to read that has one!

'HERS News: Hear, Experience, Read, See'
Simultaneously do Extensive Reading, Listening, & Viewing of Online News (Chen's program using VOA, CNN, etc.)

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My Happy Planet
My Happy Planet

Learn a language. Make friends. Have fun.

A language learning community offering various services to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, writing & listening.

"The Mixxer"
offers chances to teach your language in exchange for learning another.

Top Toolbox for Learning New Words!
Cobbs LexTutor Offers English / French Dictionary / Concordancer; Text-to-Speech & Word Learning Tests & Tools.

Hypertext Builder (from LexTutor)
Build resource-linked texts for online reading. Wire your own texts so Language Learners can use the support of:
ĀE Audio with Text-to-Speech (TTS) sound
ĀE Concordance + Dictionary/Dictionary only (Monolingual or Bilingual for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French (so far)
ĀE Reading-plus: Provides resources to understand every word in any text!

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A-Z Topical CALL Reference Bibliography of Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning (Compiled by Vance Stevens)

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78 Websites Every EFL Teacher Should Know

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Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Online English Language Center (U. of Oregon)

Nations University
Free online Bible education

Mark's ESL World
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Currency Converter

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Weblion Leoís Learning Links

Jones Avenue Adult Centre Computer Assisted ESL

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Lingo24 Translation
Free translations for major languages Instant Translation for 42 Languages

Lingvosoft free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary
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online electronic dictionaries

Free Fax from any computer via Free Cloud Transmission!




IGI Flipped Learning Book Access (by JP Loucky & J Ware).


Chapter 3

Chapter 5

Chapter 11 FLT

Free magazine on technology integration in language teaching and learning

Flipped Instruction Methods and Digital Technologies in the Language Learning Classroom

Editor(s): John Paul Loucky (Seinan Jo Gakuin University, Japan), & Jean L. Ware (Tokai University Fukuoka Junior College, Japan) ISBN13: 9781522508243; EISBN13: 9781522508250;

September, 2016, © 2017. This book explores the latest educational technologies and web-based learning solutions for effective language learning curricula. Featuring emergent research on critical topics and innovations in the field of education, this publication is an essential resource for educators, administrators, instructional designers, pre-service teachers, and researchers in the field of education.

Flipped Classrooms: How they work by Tech Smith (Camtasia Screen Recorder Producer).


Flocabulary is a fun Web 2.0 site for education from Kapulers priceless blog. This is a great site for introducing or reviewing a subject/concept. The way this works is through innovative animated videos (or as Flocabulary puts it "Educational Hip-Hop"), that helps students learn through visual and auditory means. Also, there are some great features that make Flocabulary perfect for the classroom. For example, the lyrics of each song are displayed below the video and are interactive filled w/ words that are hot-linked to explore in more detail. The lyrics can also be downloaded or printed out. Best of all, are the lessons that are included w/ each video to help students reinforce their learning on each topic.


Flipkart is a leading destination for online shopping in India, which means your eBooks can be sold to one of the largest English-speaking populations in the world. Flipkart has quickly grown to become the leader in Indian book retail, commanding over 80% of the countrys eBook market. Your eBook will be available to Flipkarts registered user base of more than 10 million people, and readable across multiple devices (Android, iOS, Windows 8, and more). Of course these are just the latest two partners. BookBaby authors can already sell their books on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Copia, Gardners, Baker & Taylor, eSentral, Scribd, and more. Learn more about BookBabys worldwide retail distribution.. free with every BookBaby ePublishing package.

Flipped Model VIDEO


FireChat is a proprietary mobile app, developed by Open Garden, which uses wireless mesh networking to enable smartphones to connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fiv [Open Garden /firechat]. Open Garden is a wireless mesh networking application. ... FireChat. - for iOS and Android. Chat with everyone around you, even when there's no Internet!

Top 10 Richest Formula 1 Drivers


8 Studies Show iPads in the Classroom Improve Education

Evaluation of the effectiveness of flipped classroom videos Report on learning outcomes when using FC teaching Engineering and Maths.

Flipped Learning Tested in Classrooms Across Nation

Education Study

Flipped Classroom

Studies Supporting Benefits of Using Flipped Classrooms

Get Students Creating!

Infographic on Flipping Instruction

Flipping Instruction Video

Tools for Flipping Classes

Flipped Classroom Field Guide

Studies supporting the Flipped Classroom Approach is a JavaScript framework that enables developers to build beautiful cross-platform apps. It is the only framework that provides an open source 3D layout engine fully integrated with a 3D physics-based animation engine that can render to DOM, Canvas, or WebGL. is led by Steve Newcomb, who is best known for founding Powerset, which was sold to Microsoft and is now part of Bing. [FOUNDED2011 OVERVIEW]. - Flashcard-making Program

FlipSnack Edu team

Real Places that look like they belong in Fairy Tales!

Simitator lets you create ďfakeĒ Facebook pages, Twitter threads and more.


Shadow Puppet the excellent free mobile iOS app for creating digital stories/videos has just released their biggest update. Version 2.0 allows users to upload video, search the web for animated gifs/images, add music from your iTunes library, and even draw on the screen for annotating. This is a very easy tool to use and allows educators/students to "flip" a lesson, cover a topic, or introduce digital storytelling. Also, Shadow Puppet has updated their site which has lots of different lesson plans, samples, and examples of how teachers are integrating SP into their classroom. To download Shadow Puppet click here.


Fishtree is an innovative new digital adaptive learning platform that allows educators to curate and create lessons for their students. These lessons contain all sorts of dynamic media as well as being aligned to Common Core Standards. Also, Fishtree combines the best features of a LMS (learning management system) that allows teachers to assess students in real-time, grade, message, and more, which makes it a perfect solution for differentiating instruction.


Flipgrid is a new site/community/app that reminds me of a more "adult" version of Voicethread. This is a nice site/community and iPad app that allows educators to record a video (asking a question) called a grid and then have students respond via their own video. Educators can then view through their admin page which videos have been viewed, questions answered, etc. Best of all Flipgrid has an educational portal where students don't need an email address or account to access teacher's grids, as well as many privacy options for educators to control. Finally, a Flipgrid can be embedded into a site and easily integrated into any LMS (Learning Management System).

"Tools for flipping your class"

Ana Maria Menezes, whose Life Feast blog is a must-read for any ESL/EFL/ELL teacher, has just put together an excellent list of "Tools For Flipping Your Class." an exhaustive list, but she's inviting others to add to it. All you have to do is click "ADD TO LIST." Ferlazzo has various "flipped" tools listed on two "Best" lists - The Best Posts On The "Flipped Classroom" Idea and A Potpourri Of The Best & Most Useful Video Sites. Check them both out!


Fully integrated, cross-platform Office System, compatible with MS Office files but Free!

Visicom Media Software


Free Text Editor between Notepad and Wordpad

World's most popular Open Source Data Management System.

Personal Database using Explorer-like interface. Pioneer in Tree Structured data-management since 1995, TreePad is an award-winning Personal Information Manager, Organizer, Database, Word Processor and much more. TreePad combines portability and compactness with its other distinctive features: versatility and power, as well as simplicity and intuitiveness of use.

Kerio Control 8.2 introduces application/web content filtering over IPv4 & IPv6.

Lavasoft provides Antivirus and Malware protection.

Thunderbird Email and Firefox Browser! RSS Feed

Great alternative to dead Google Reader for all your News Feeds!

Trillian.IM (Instant Messenger)

Fukuoka Now Magazine: E-Zine Back Issues.

Free Resources From All My Books

Ferlazzo has many free resources, including excerpts and student hand-outs, available from all his books. Clicking on the covers will lead you to them!


Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: allows educators, students, administrators to easily find digital teaching and learning resources created and maintained by the Federal Government and public and private organizations. It's a search engine because it won't store or mandate particular curricula or lesson plans, it only contains links to learning resources created by many organizations and initiatives. You can browse either by subject or by standard.

Flipped Classroom TOOLS and Resources

Making the transition to a flipped classroom can be quite a trial. Not only are you changing your daily routine and lessons, but also the software and hardware you use. If you need a hand (and who doesn't?), here are some tools to help you flip your classroom.


EDpuzzle is becoming one of the premiere web/iOS tools around for learning in the classroom. This is a fantastic free tool for editing a video, cropping, adding quizzes/polls, narration, etc. then embedding into site/blog. It is being used to flip a classroom or lesson, Project Based Learning, grading/assessing, and even for differentiating instruction. The educational portal allows students to sign-up w/out needing an email account and lets educators track student progress in real-time.

Top 10 Sites/Apps for a Flipped Classroom

A "Flipped Classroom" is a classroom that uses class time to do activities/lessons (guided by the teacher) and "homework" time (at home) for guided instruction (usually through video). Basically, it turns a classroom upside down (or on its head) where the learning of a topic is done at home and then that applied practice or "work" is done at school. With Mobile Learning and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) becoming more mainstream, "Flipped Classroom" models are happening more and more, leading me to create my list of favorite tools for "flipping a classroom". [Written by dkapuler on Jul 23, 2013].

Top 10 Sites and Apps for a Flipped Classroom

Flipped Classroom Resources

Technology coordinator Cassie Holewinski shares 100+ tools here as part of her Flipped Classroom Workshop.

My Favourite Flipped Classroom Apps - Teacher


If you have an Apple TV in your classroom, this iOS app lets you turn it into a gigantic yet readable web browser.


Capture lessons with Swivl to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance by turning class time into content creation time.


Turn any document into a class discussion with a commenting system that appears right next to the text. NowComment makes it easy to have rich, engaging discussions of online documents no matter how large (or small) your class or collaboration group. NowComment is fast, powerful, and feature-rich: you can sort comments, skim summaries, create assignments, hide comments, reply privately, and much more. It's free, a project of public interest group LLC. Take 60 seconds to get an account now!


Transform your videos into interactive lessons by adding websites, polls, maps, etc. right into the videos themselves.

GoNoodle is a fantastic App to be used on a whiteboard/projector to give students "brain" breaks throughout the school day. This is done by interacting w/ three different videos/activities: Airtime, Run w/ Us, and Maximo. Integrating GoNoodle into the classroom has a positive effect on students and helps reenergize them to maximize their potential throughout the day.

1. 9Slides

A wonderful way for teachers to create an interactive/guided presentation for their students "flipped learning".

2. Answer Pad

The ultimate assessment tool for teachers to use w/ their mobile devices or browser to gauge student's learning.

3. Ask3

A fantastic iPad app for turning your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. This allows for a teacher to create guided lessons (by adding text/drawing/narration) that students can view at home. Students can then use the app in class to answer each other questions before asking the teacher, while teachers can use it to assess student's learning.

4. BoomWriter

A excellent innovative site that allows students engage their creativity by completing chapters of a book/story and then having other students vote on which one should be included in the finished product. Once a book/story is completed a trade paperback copy can be ordered turning students into published writers.

5. Educreations

A terrific iPad app that is very similar to Ask3 as it turns the iPad into a recordable whiteboard. However, a teacher can not only create a bunch of guided lessons, they can also post them on the web for their students to view at home for "flipped learning".

6. GoClass

A wonderful iPad/web tool that allows educators to create lessons and then assess students learning in real-time. Also, students can view the lessons at home on their mobile devices and learn at their own pace.

7. Knowmia

Is one of the most popular sites/apps for creating and searching for video lessons for students. Simply put, Knowmia is one of the best and easiest ways to "flip a classroom".

8. Math File Folder Games

A great site/company for educational iOS Math games that can be used to create 21st Century "Math Centers". This is a great way to use educational apps to reinforce "flipped learning".

9. MentorMob

A fantastic site for educators to create guided learning playlists that students can use at home for self learning. One of the best sites around for creating a "Flipped Classroom".

10. Nearpod

A terrific all-in-one solution for mobile devices in education. Teachers can use it to create engaging lessons that students can do from home.

Flipped Classroom

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Infographic on Results of Flipping Classrooms (Helps to reverse failures and drop-outs!)


Big Changes At Flickr Today, including Allowing 200,000 Photos For Free

Yahoo announced a bunch of changes at its photo site, Flickr, today, including letting you store 200,000 photos for free! (compared to the previous 200). Read all about it at this Read Write Web post.


Donate rice to poor while learning new words!

Top 10 National Dishes Around the World!


Ideal for finding iOS apps for kid games and interactive story books.

Fostering Female Engineers

God's Fingerprints in Japan 1 on Vimeo

Are there Bridges or Fingerprints Leading Japanese to God?

God's Fingerprints in Japan 1 & 2

Frontline's "Growing Up Online"

Frontline's "Growing Up Online" investigates how the Internet is transforming the experience of childhood. Free Trial Filesharing Collaborative Research Program


FluencyFinder is a wonderful iOS app for assessing student reading levels.

This is done through a very easy to user interface where teachers print out Reading passages Grades 1 - 8 and then have students read along while marking their mistakes on their mobile device. Best of all students are created on their mobile device and all student and data tracking is done automatically which then generates reports. FF just added 18 new reading passages for grades 6 - 8!!! (by Dave Kapuler)


Fish Smarty is an excellent new site for online learning through: educational games, digital comics, and coloring. Also, FS has an educational portal which is ideal for tracking student progress and having a safe environment for kids to interact in.

Free Trial Filesharing Collaborative Research Program

Foreign Language Apps


Awesome Stories Readings about Movies with pictures.

Free and Open Source Software

Very nice collection of free and open source software categorized by educational use. The list is maintained by educators.

Fun Educational AND KID-FRIENDLY Apps

Fun Educational Apps is a site that is self explanatory. It is a great site for finding apps for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. All apps can be browsed by age level or subject. Also, there are nice detailed reviews w/ screen shots to help users find what best meets their needs.


Famigo is a wonderful site for finding safe kid-friendly apps for Apple and Android. The apps are reviewed on a 5-star scale and can be searched for by age-level, category, etc. For Kapuler's top 10 sites for finding educational apps click here.


Funschool is an excellent site for educational games for grades Pre-K-6th grade.  Not only does FS have games on a lot of different subjects, but there are videos, printables, and interactives to find on here as well. For Kapuler's top 10 sites for educational games click here.


Fuel the Brain is a nice site for educational resources and math games. This site covers different aspects of math such as: counting, operations, geometry, etc. Resources can be searched by grade level and there are even interactives that students can play. For Kapuler's 10 sites for educational games click here. is a free online OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool. You can use this service to extract text from any image you supply. This service is free, no registration necessary. We also do not need your email address. Just upload your image files. Free-OCR takes either a JPG, GIF, TIFF BMP or PDF (only first page). The only restriction is that the images must not be larger than 2MB, no wider or higher than 5000 pixels and there is a limit of 10 image uploads per hour. [Free-OCR can handle images with multi-column text and also supports more languages: Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.]



Ediscio is a nice site for creating online flashcards. This site has lots of features such as: creating boxes of flash cards, adding multimedia to cards, analytical graphs, collaboration/sharing w/ others, etc


Cobocards is another nice site for creating flashcards. Being online these cards can be saved and shared w/ others or even collaborated on. Also, CC has some nice mobility apps for those that prefer that method of learning.

Translate French

Translate French accurately with the help of BB French Translation.a2



Cometdocs is a site I've covered in the past but recently received an email about some new features. CD is a great free site for people to convert files in a wide variety of formats (up to 30). Also users can now store files online, share them w/ others (public/private) and transfer large files (more w/ a paid plan). [Written by dkapuler on Feb 08, 2013].


Moonberri is a new (beta) site for sharing files in a fast and secure way. This is done simply by uploading a document, image, video, etc and then setting a password to the unique URL that generated.

FUNNY VIDEOS: Best for a laugh or to describe!


Superflashcard is a site that I just found out about from one of my readers. This is a great site for finding flashcards in a wide variety of subjects such as foreign languages and exams. Also, a user can save their favorite cards and use them to study by creating slideshows or quizzes.

Click here for 15 sites for creating flashcards.


FileLab is an excellent new site for editing video and audio. This is all done w/ a nice easy to use interface which is drag-n-drop. A user can crop/trim audio/video, add effects, and of course save and share.

For Dave Kapuler's top 10 sites for editing video click here.

For his top 10 sites for editing audio click here.


Drawpr is a nice new free site for file sharing. This is done in a rather unique way by dragging and dropping files on a bucket. These buckets can be made public for others to download your files, or private so only you have access to them. The max size a file can be for upload is 50 MB. For top 10 sites for file sharing from Dave Kapuler, click here.


Minus is a wonderful site/app for sharing files, photos, music, etc w/ a simple to use drag-n-drop interface. This happens to be a very visually pleasing site and is very innovative in the way it works. I've been using the Mac app and think it works perfectly. A user has the ability to set their files to public/private, share them, embed them in a site, etc. Also, there is a nifty little screen capture tool which is a nice feature too. Those familiar w/ Dropbox will feel right at home w/ this app.


Ziddu is a complete Free file hosting system which offers services like Free Web Hosting, Image hosting & Free Web Space. Ziddu users can play, watch and share. World's Leading Image,Video,Audio and Document Sharing Portal


Uploader Box is a site that is ideal for uploading/downloading large files. This is done uploading the file and then adding your email and another user's. Once this is a done a unique URL is generated for sharing or downloading this file. Click here to view Dave Kapuler's top 10 sites for FILE-SHARING.


Fresh Brain is a site I just learned about from Richard Byrne's award winning blog, Free Technology 4 Teachers. This is a great site for educators and students for developing technology projects such as: building a FB app, creating a game, or making a YouTube a video.

Foreign Language Teaching Research Flow-Chart (Dr. Yu Ju Lan's)


Faceflow is a great site for creating a live video chat w/ up to 4 people. To start a chat just register and share the unique URL that is generated. As well as chatting a person has a screen for texting as well.

Four Letter Words: Mobile Phone Vocab-Learning Game

Four Letter Words from Linguamation Studio is a word game like no other. Featuring compelling graphics and entrancing audio, it wraps the cerebral addictiveness of a word game in the chillaxing deliciousness of groovy ambiance. Transcend time and space as you transform one four letter word into another and create an organic network of cells from start to finish! Download from i-Tunes for ~99 cents.


Flip Snack is a new (beta) site that reminds me a lot of Bookrix or Mixbook. All a user has to do is upload a PDF and then choose options on how they want their flipbook created. Once the book is created it can then be shared on your favorite social network or embedded into a site. The book can also be downloaded. The only other feature I'd to see is the ability to order a hard copy of your book like you can do on Mixbook. Click here to see my top 10 list on creating digital books. (Written by dkapuler)



Written by dkapuler on Jul 12, 2011 10:18 pm

"File sharing is the practice of distributing or providing access to digitally stored information, such as computer programs, multimedia (audio, images, and video), documents, or electronic books (wikipedia)." As w/ any business or educational institution integrated w/ technology, it's important to have a solid grasp on file sharing and be fluent in the use of file sharing technologies.

Top 10 Sites for File Sharing

Air Dropper

A unique site that allows a user to create a dropbox that allows others to access via a request and then download.


Probably the most popular of the web based file sharing sites that integrates w/ Google Apps. Also, has the ability to share/store files in a folder which is ideal for embedding into a site.


A simple file sharing site that allows users to embed their file into a blog/site or share w/ a unique URL.

File Dropper

A free easy to use site that allows users to upload up to 5 Gig of data.

Pipe Bytes

An ideal way to share files in a private setting either as an URL or embed code.


A great site for file sharing which allows for password protection and the ability to choose what format you want to download the file in.


An excellent site for sharing files in a social network type setting.


A site that is also available as a free app for sharing files person to person rather then storing on a server.


A fun site for transferring files w/ a nice user interface. Also, a person has the ability to add a message to their file transferring email.

Go Pileus

A simple to use site (drag-n-drop) for sharing files that also integrates nicely w/ for URL shortening. Go Pileus is one of the easiest file sharing sites around. All a user has to do is drag-n-drop files from their desktop right in their browser window on the Pileus window and items are transferred. It also integrates w/ for making URL's shorter.

Flock: World's BEST Browser by a long shot!


Fotobabble, a neat application where people can post photos along with an audio description, has gotten even better. Now, users can grab images off the web by just using the photo's url address. Before, uploading images was the only option. It's one of the best Web 2.0 applications of the year for educators, and is on The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English list. It's a simple tool students can use to practice their speaking skills. It's very easy to use but, just in case, Russell Stannard at the great Teacher Training Videos has posted a good video tutorial on how to use the app.

Free English Language Learning Materials! (Kieran McGovern's)

World of Reading Foreign Language Blog

All My Favorites: Educational Sites

AllMyFaves is a colorful page that presents the user with the editors' picks for the top sites for educators. Be prepared to explore for hours!

Folktales and Legends

Folktales and legends embedded in a specific culture provide an opportunity to explore and teach rich and fascinating social lessons.

Famous People Lessons

Search A-Z

Firefox 2 Interlinks

This site is best viewed using Firefox Browser with Interlinks enabled. Get it here.
[Sadly these great Interlink Previews donít work in FF3!]

Free Printable

Best online Resource for free printables: Printable music, games, puzzles, cards, calendars and more.


Text and audio of ghost stories and strange folktales

FICTION FAVORITE WRITERS: Most Popular Fiction Authors Of All-Time

These are the ten most popular fiction authors of all-time. Wikipedia has an extensive list. See everybody they have listed, including the number of books sold and their genres. Top 1-10 are: 1. William Shakespeare; 2. Agatha Christie; 3. Barbara Cartland; 4. Harold Robbins; 5. Georges Simenon; 6. Enid Blyton; 7. Danielle Steel; 8. Dr. Seuss; 9. Gilbert Patten; 10. Leo Tolstoy.

Rich collection of folklore, Myths and legends

American Folklore, myths and legends.

Humanizing Language Teaching Online Magazine

The Best Sites For Finding Folktales To Teach "Life Lessons"

Short folktales help communicate "life lessons" - perseverance, the importance of relationships, etc. Here are a few sources of good folktales - with interpretations already clearly embedded in them. The Best Sites For Finding Folktales To Teach "Life Lessons": The Best Sites For Using Aesop's Fables In The Classroom. David Deubelbeiss at EFL Classroom 2.0 has created an extraordinary collection of Stories to inspire and teach. He’s also created a video collection. He has more Learning Through Stories videos here. A group called Learning To Give has a collection of folktales divided by the character trait they believe it teachers - generosity, respect, etc. Thanks to Renee Hill for the tip. You can access a good portion of a The Moral Of The Story at Google Books.

Famous People Lessons (Biographies)

Folktales on Stage

Children's Plays for Reader's Theater (Aaron Shepard's Scripts in Paperback)

With 16 Play Scripts From World Folk and Fairy Tales and Legends, Including African, Chinese, Southeast Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Russian, Scandinavian, and Native American

Folktales on Stage is a collection of reader's theater scripts for young readers, adapted by children's author Aaron Shepard from his own folktale retellings. A wide variety of countries and cultures is represented, including Native America, Africa, the Middle East, India, Russia, Scandinavia, Southeast Asia, and China. The scripts may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any noncommercial purpose. While aiming mostly at ages 8 to 15, the collection features a full range of reading levels. Aaron Shepard is the award-winning author of numerous picture books and children's magazine stories, as well as several acclaimed reader's theater books. He spent five years as a professional actor in reader's theater, performing in schools and conducting workshops for teachers and students. He now hosts Aaron Shepard's RT Page, the Web's most popular reader's theater destination, with weekly visits by thousands of teachers and librarians.

Flickr Learning Games

Twelve Games That Use Flickr, the photo-hosting site. Several can be used as language-development opportunities by ELLs.

Carleton College's (MN) Foreign Language Ed Links's Online Reading News Story Feeds at 3 Levels

Learners of English on Facebook that are fed from RSS feeds using RSS Graffiti. If you are logged onto Facebook you can see what it looks like (and become a fan, if you like).

Foreign Language Resource Center (U. of HI.)--FREE DOWNLOADS

National Foreign Language Resource Center

Did you know that over 100 of the NFLRC's publications are now free as digital downloads? Click on the link for more info.

FactCheckEd For Good Lessons

FactCheckEd from the University of Pennsylvania seems to have some surprisingly good lesson plans. Also see The Big Deal Book Of Technology Newsletter, a good resource on reading.

Raw Frequency Lists

Most Frequent English and French words including first 1k, 2k, and AWL with both Headword and Word Family Lists. Other Useful list links included here include the Brown Corpus list, Ogden's 'Basic Engish' (Express almost everything in just 850 words!), and word lists based on the British National Corpus from U. Lancaster and from Paul Nation. Finally there are Links to many more lists (from David Lee).

Fantastic brief Guide to Japan

Fukuoka-ken and City Guide

With many helpful links to services


Foreign Language Resource Center

Worldís largest source for computerized translation products from many companies. Computerized dictionaries, with ability to point at a word on the screen and obtain possible translations in a balloon next to it.


ELT News

Full directory of EFL links, jobs, books, etc.

Directory for all ELT / EFL areas in Japan

IATEFL Electronic Jobshop

TEFL Professional Network

Dave's ESL Café jobs page

ESL Job Search

ESL, TEFL and TESOL teaching overseas jobs. International ESL job classified positions from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, UAE and Europe. We will endeavour to be the best internet source to assist teachers and English language institutions globally.

The web's first vertical search portal for ESL/EFL job seekers. Our spider crawls job boards across the internet, indexing their postings and making them searchable. The result is a one-stop search that gives you access to thousands of vacancies posted on multiple job boards.

ESL Teachers Board

Free access to over 2,500 ESL job offers worldwide, 2,200 ESL resumes.

Free lessons written by teachers / professional writers, audio lessons, 50 articles, list of international ESL schools (1,090), ESL Java games / quizzes, ESL discussion forum, etc.


Kyoto International University and Academy


Kyoto International University and Academy


International school. Email them for a free Catalog or other information.


Order any for $20 including free shipping via our Order Form:

  • Famous Leaders Who Influenced Japan's Internationalization (J.P. Loucky, 1994).
  • 335 A-4 page College Reader for upper intermediate and advanced English students.
  • Biographies of important people who contributed to Japan's development.
  • Cross-Cultural Comparisons between Japan and America (Perrin, 1998. English or Japanese).

Click here to order


Vision Video

Vision Video and DVDs has quality products teaching positive moral values that endure. From Assisi to DaVinici to Heroes of Columbine, from Saint Patrick to Bonhoeffer, from Eric Liddel to Mother Teresa, good role models are always stressed. All levels available from Childrenís Songs and Bible Stories to Creation vs. Evolution to Teen Issues. Great variety and prices. An Alphabetical Listing of all their Videos and DVDs is here.


Reviewing Famous People of the 20th Century.

There are 20 people in each of these five sections: Arts, Business, Politics, Science and Society.

Famous Peopleís Hall of Fame and Heroes of Modern Life.

(All Males here)

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Search by field of activity or categories.

Famous person anagram or quiz.

Famous Quotations

Famous Peoplesí Quotations. Can be searched by category and author.

Famous Peopleís Birthdays

to compare with your own.

Biography Maker

guide for writing about famous or infamous people.


Current celebrities site.


Older Famous People, famous people now deceased, writers, politicians, scientists, etc may be found under Yahoo! Sections.


Nations University

offers free university level religious education via distance learning in 192 countries! Arabic, Creole, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Thai.

Areas covered are Bible backgrounds, biblical exegesis, church history, comparative religion, ministry and missions, spirituality, New Testament, Old Testament, and theology.


Food Champs

Food Champs has a lot different leveled activities related to food vocabulary and nutrition. Most, if not all, of the site is accessible to English Language Learners. See more under Food.

Michelle Henry's many resources for ELLs, French and English website.

French lessons in France at ILA

ILA French language school provides quality French language courses in South of France, taught by qualified and experienced French teachers.

Fitna - Stop Radical Terrorism

Word Frequency Indexer

Extract basic Frequency Lists from user texts or corpora; download influential Frequency Lists including AWL and Francais Fondamental, for either English/French. Teachers can analyze any text by Keywords (text vs. general frequency) or Range (frequency across texts). Practice guessing the Frequency Level of words in any test using a Quiz Builder. Also you may Sort 10 - 20 headwords into 1-2k, 3-5k, 6-10k, 11-15k categories, and even DOWNLOAD Famous frequency lists for study or teaching!

Raw Frequency Lists

For teachers/researchers (from Cobbís for both English and French study)


Vocab Profiler

Vocab Profiler will give you a color-coded representation for words in different Levels of Frequency within any inputted text. This helps you isolate more difficult words to simplify or study them.

JACET 8000 Word List Level Marker

(Used in Japan, but their list is not free so little used outside the country.)


Find a Language Partner to practice with for 113 Languages in over 170 Countries! Free! is a great place for free Language Exchange! Allows you to start your own Japanese Language Blog, which natives speakers will help correct for free! Corrections will be highlighted so you can easily learn from your own mistakes. Sample recommended Language Blogs include:

Camera Life

Miekoís World

Mixi Blogs


Edmodo is a site that is "a private micro-blogging platform that teachers and students can use to send notes, links, files, alerts, assignments, and events to each other;" students do not need an email address, just a code obtained from the teacher.


Gliffy is a Graphic Organizer program

FAMILY TREE PROGRAMS can help you or your students build oneís own Digital Family Tree.

Genealogy - Free Family Tree - Geni is an online genealogy tool, and private place for families to build their family trees, preserve family history, share photos and videos, celebrate events, etc.

Search for a Family Surname to view its map and preponderance statistics worldwide.



Stop Islamic Terror Movie



Don't have that fashion-through-the-ages book handy? Try this site for some background information and images of the history of women's fashion.

Talk about clothes and fashion design.


Talk about clothes and fashion design.


Free Streaming Video Software!

CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).

Data and Media Transfer


Syncs files between iPhone, iPad, and home PCs.

A trusted file transfer service.

Cute FTP

Free FTP for file transfer protocol downloads or uploads.

Get it from CNET!


Pipe Bytes

Pipe Bytes is a great new site for file sharing. This is ideal when wanting to share something w/ another person because it is: private, no registration required, and sent directly to the recipient.


An online file hosting system that lets you store files and access them from any computer. After you sign-up for the service, you can upload any file, with a total size limitation of 1GB, and create a permalink for any file you add, so that anyone can access and download them. Openomy is completely free to use. is, put simply, the best file-sharing service we've seen.


Flickr Improves and Adds Video to Slide Shows

Flickr slide shows sure do make it easier to view all those images being shared on a given Flickr Flickr stream, and the ability to do so has even spurred a healthy-sized third market from developers that offer Flickr slide show tools as well.

Flickr Adds Send to Friend Feature

MyPlick Creates Interactive & Embeddable Slide Shows

Photobucketís Slide Show Upgrades for More Customization

Flickr Facebook App is Now Available

Mochila Launches Slide Show Widget

with Ads


Font Capture

By using simply a printer, a scanner, and this site, you can create a computer font from your own handwriting. Imagine students typing their documents using their own handwriting, or, in an art class, designing their own "wing-ding" font!

Futurekids Online

Looking for a cost effective, comprehensive online learning and communication environment that aligns to major funding streams?

Futurekids online is a comprehensive, customizable web-based solution that integrates best-of-breed educationally relevant solutions for your school or district. Futurekids online will deliver a complete online learning, training and communication environment for everyone in your school or district. The platform was developed to meet the specific funding requirement for several major U.S. funding programs including No Child Left Behind.

The Futurekids solution empowers educators, students, and administrators to be proficient with technology as a learning, instruction, administrative and communication tool resulting in better learning outcomes and improved return on investment.

Fluency through fables

D.Film MovieMaker

Create Short Story Movies!

Although not originally intended for language learning, D. Film Moviemaker is a Flash-based site which lets users create short movies. This is done by selecting the background, the sky, the characters, how the characters meet, their dialogue (which appears as text in cartoon bubbles), and finally background music. My experience with this site in the classroom has been extremely positive with students creating some original, creative short stories with this site. Excellent for task-based projects.

FL Teach or Foreign Language Teaching Forum

WWW Resources for Language Teachers

Free French, German and Spanish Language Learning Free Activities

Check the left side of the website for Graded Readers. It lists GRs for different ages.

Continental Book French Readers

French Readers looks like a "gold mine" for you.

Learning English through Football (Soccer) - learn English through soccer offers a free weekly podcast with worksheets, transcripts and vocabulary lists for learners of English who like football (Soccer). Other Language-learning links given.


A free forum site creator wizard.

Streamfile offers Free File-Sharing.

The Best Fun Sites You Can Use For Learning, Too

FinAid For College Help


FinAid through an article in the Wall Street Journal. It appears to be one of the most complete resources on the web for college financial assistance. See also The Best Sites For Encouraging ELLís To Attend College.

Football or Soccer History

(ESL Readings)

Flowers is a professional online communicator for collaborative meetings, instruction, learning and friendly chats with family and friends. Try its free Demo!

Join a live video chat now!

Free Demo Lessons

Internet-based, interactive audio-visual English learning center with instructions in 21 languages.

Free Demo and great online Business Opportunity!

Click on a flag to choose a language.

English  Chinese  Simplified Chinese  Russian  Spanish German Latvian-Lettish Hebrew Arabic Mongolian Korean Hungarian Dutch French Romanian Indonesian Estonian Polish IPortuguese Italian Lithuanian Turkish Japanese  Vietnamese  Thai  Tagalog

free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary From:     Word: 
online electronic translation tools

ESL Lounge

Free ESL Lesson Materials for teachers. Grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more. All free and printable.

Online Conference/Classroom
Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

Powered by
IP2Phrase allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of their defaults.


The web This site

Google Advanced Search
Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)
Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Babel Fish translation

Type or paste text or web address here:
Translate from:
Powered by Systran

FoxLingo Ė The Ultimate Language Tool!

(works only with Firefox)

Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc.

Main Features
  • Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
  • Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
  • Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
  • Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
  • Language Resources - Over 90 language services (encyclopedias, text-to-speech, etc.)
  • Ixquick - Metasearch engine with unique features, language search and complete privacy
  • Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites for a variety of languages
  • Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
  • Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from its users
Supports 45 languages & over 1,000 different language pairs

Afrikaans, Arabic, Aranese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh

Uses 35 free online web page translator services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Free Bible Commentary
Audio New Testaments Click on your country's flag to translate this site!
AltaVista Babel Fish Translation

Language Teacherģ. Electronic pocket talking translators

Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English.

Currency Converter
Time Converter

50 BEST Sites in 60 Minutes SLIDESHARE

2Lingual is BEST Bilingual Search Engine!

Web 20-21st Century Tools

Click to search in your own language!

TeachiT Video Lessons on IT/Ed Tech

Other Translations Here:

Dicts Info
www.dicts.infoís index page shows Flags and Links to free Web Dictionaries in about 80 languages.

All with Lesson Plans & Word/PDFiles.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

ESL Student & Teaching Links

Great Reading, Speaking & Vocabulary Activities

This site uses WordChamp to automatically translate words on this page into about 140 languages! CLICK for a free account so you can also SAVE new words into files.
Change Target Language Here:

Enable/disable reader bubbles:

Asia-Pacific CALL Top Teacher Resource Sites

APA CALL President J-B Son's Homepage
CALL Resources and Research

Internet-Based Language Instruction (IBLI)
Sample Work from J-B Son's Students

Internet-Based Language Teaching
(Roger Underwood Collection)

Distance & Self-Access Language Programs

English Specialist
English Specialist

EFL practice exercises

Web 2.0 Tools Slideshow

Information Technology Tools

"BEST of the Best"
of Larry Ferlazzoís most highly recommended websites to help you teach English, ESL or EFL!

The Best Websites Summarized
The "Best of the Best" Websites of 2007-2008

Website With 8,000 Links

Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher

International Childrenís Digital Library
10,000+ Childrenís Stories in many languages.

READ & HEAR Folktales and Legends from around the world!

More World Folktales from ESL Station

Speak English Today

ďGet in the Sandbox & Play with Us Kids!ĀEby using Twiddla Co-Browsing Tool Here:
Twiddle this page!

Top ESL/TESOL Programs
Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)
Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!

ESL Gold
ESL Gold explained in 15 languages!

ESL Point
ESL Point

A treasure trove of material for teaching and learning English


Mingoville is the world's most creative and comprehensive English language course online for kids of all ages.

Great Picture Book Maker!

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

List of A-Z Links to various language Encyclopedias and their Histories

Top 20 Web-based language learning activities/tasks - Andy Johnsonís annotated list of most useful CALL sites

Software sales

Free Language Translation Bar for 10 Languages.

Translate this page offers DAILY WORD PUZZLES, Root Word Study, etc to enhance vocabulary mastery and written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)

Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Voice Thread Collaborative Site for Educators

Add Audio (TTS) to Any Blog!

Media Converter

Use Universal Messenger for free media and file transfers. makes Mobile Publishing easy.
Access ANY size Device/Document/Image ANYWHERE!

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games.

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games. offers many FREE Vocabulary Tests online.

Click on the V to check how many words you know in English.

V-Check or can freely test your level!

Easy Dolch Word List Crossword Puzzles

fun with vocabulary

Computer Adaptive Test of Vocabulary Size & Strength

Take this free Vocabulary Size Test!

WordSmart: Test Your Vocab Level!

Free Vocabulary Levels Tests at LexTutor
Includes Receptive/Recognition and Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests; Word Association and Yes/No Tests

PROGRAMS MEASURING READABILITY provides Readability Scores for any Web pages and MS Word files in a flash!

The Internet Application for Creating Curriculum-Based Assessment Reading Probes

Improving Online Text Readability

Analyze text content using this free text analysis tool.

Discovery School
"The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom"

English Learning Resources
Ken Schmidtís Short-List

the Language Resource Room

Word Surfing vocabulary learning strategies

Top ESL & Teacher Sites

TESOLMAX Top Sites Top Sites
The Top Sites for English Learners

ESL Web Guide: Your Guide to the Best ESL/EFL Websites! Recommendations from Daveís ESL Cafe.

SEO - create one way text link ads to your website for top search engine listings.

I Love Languages

Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students

ITESLJ's Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Teachers

MES English games and other ESL / EFL resources for teachers

Foreign Word
translation wizard with free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages

Perceptia Press
ĀEConversation, Excel, Music, PowerPoint and Word textbooks. Great texts for personal or class use.
Click here to order

Itzalist Webring
Bilingual Webring

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