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Improbable Planet: How Earth Became Humanity’ Home (Astro-Physicist Hugh Ross’s GREAT new book)

Visit Connecting All Language Learners

EFL Classroom Blog and Directory (D Deubel)

Collaborative Sharing for Teachers and Webheads using Tapped In Integrates VOA, Daily Proverbs, ESL Podcasts, Quizzes, L1 & L2 Dictionaries and Search Engines.

Kelly Ten-Dictionaries in One Online Encyclopedia
History, Cultural Literacy, Fine Arts, etc.

365 ESL Short Stories: Extensive Reading with full Dictionary and Listening Support! Listening and Reading Free Site for Intermediate ESL Learners delivers any online Newspaper in any language you'd like to read that has one!

'HERS News: Hear, Experience, Read, See'
Simultaneously do Extensive Reading, Listening, & Viewing of Online News (Chen's program using VOA, CNN, etc.)

Lingro Language Learner

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My Happy Planet
My Happy Planet

Learn a language. Make friends. Have fun.

A language learning community offering various services to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, writing & listening.

"The Mixxer"
offers chances to teach your language in exchange for learning another.

Top Toolbox for Learning New Words!
Cobbs LexTutor Offers English / French Dictionary / Concordancer; Text-to-Speech & Word Learning Tests & Tools.

Hypertext Builder (from LexTutor)
Build resource-linked texts for online reading. Wire your own texts so Language Learners can use the support of:
ĀE Audio with Text-to-Speech (TTS) sound
ĀE Concordance + Dictionary/Dictionary only (Monolingual or Bilingual for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French (so far)
ĀE Reading-plus: Provides resources to understand every word in any text!

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Favorite CamSoft Collection of CALL Websites (Graham Davie's Great CALL Glossary)

A-Z Topical CALL Reference Bibliography of Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning (Compiled by Vance Stevens)

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78 Websites Every EFL Teacher Should Know

English Resources for Students & Teachers (Illustrated CALL Sites)

Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Online English Language Center (U. of Oregon)

Nations University
Free online Bible education

Mark's ESL World
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Weblion Leoís Learning Links

Jones Avenue Adult Centre Computer Assisted ESL

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Lingo24 Translation
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Lingvosoft free online dictionary
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Tech Blogs

The site's Guides tab features pointers on everything from using blogs in the classroom,

to maximizing the use of social networking and personal learning networks. Helpful teaching resources aim to create a collaborative environment for helping teachers engage students. At Technology Tidbits David Kapuler reviews and recommends tons of online tools and sites for educational use! Sign up free and then Go Tripppin!

Tripping was made by an English teacher for English teachers and schools.

Next Generation Vocabulary Instruction by BoomWriter

Trending Words feature lets data guide teachers in 21st century vocabulary instruction.

Teach'n Go

Teach'n Go is a new (beta) site for managing online courses for educators. This is a nice way to create a course, charge what they want, schedule, and communicate w/ parents and students in a safe collaborative environment. Also, Teach'n Go is web based and works on any browser based device making it ideal for mobile learning.


Sign up here for free access to the simplest time management app keep your students on track! (CALL4ALLís is at ).


A collection of utilities you can use without unlocking your iOS device, such as a calculator, calendar, currency converter, etc.


Transfer files easily between backup services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or even FTP and WebDav.

Pop Up Archive

Audio recordings stored here are automatically tagged and transcribed, making them easy to search later.

Education Genius

Like a Wikipedia of annotations, any student or educator can publicly annotate classic literature or academic journals.


Curated by ICT coordinator Tessa de Wit.

Productivity Programs/Apps

Curated by head of computer science Mike Washburn.

Teach'n Go

Help Teaching Never stop learning to Teach!

Top 20 Sites for Creating Timelines!

Translates Text on any screen is the translating keyboard that can replace your keyboard in other apps, letting you converse another language. You and a friend can both type in a foreign language, even if it's foreign to you both!

NaturalReader Text to Speech

Convert any PDF file, MS Word document, and e-book to spoken words.

CoolTools Workshops

Curated by consultant and educator Polly-Alida Farrington.


"Star-Trek Universal Translator Tool" here we come!

Top 20 Sites/Apps for Creating Timelines

Authors R Us

Curated by the digital learning specialists The Tech Chicks.


Time has just selected their 50 Best Websites of the Year.

1. American History Timeline

A excellent iPad for viewing America's history. Also, there are interactive educational games to reinforce student learning.

2. Capzles

Is one of the most popular sites around for creating interactive timelines. These timelines can contain all kinds of media (images, video, etc) as well as be embedded into a site/blog.

3. Dipity

A fun site for creating embeddable interactive timelines that include images and videos.

4. LittleBIG History

A terrific iPad app for viewing timelines from the creation of the universe to current events. This app contains over 700 images and 1300 events that can be searched through.

5. MyHistro

A great site/iOS app for creating interactive timelines w/ educational portal. Also, has the ability to embed Google Maps.

6. OurTimeLines

A neat site w/ templates for creating timelines through text.

7. Preceden

A cool site for creating layered interactive timelines. These timelines can be set to public or private and even be embedded into a site or blog.

8. RWT Timeline

Based on their website's (ReadWriteThink) timeline creator, RWT is one of my favorite iPad apps (free) for creating stunning timelines. Also, the app allows for multiple users which is ideal for those schools that share devices.

9. Tiki-Toki

A wonderful site for creating beautiful looking 3D timelines w/ images and videos. A paid account lets users embed them on a site and collaborate on them w/ multiple users.

10. Time Rime

A great site for creating interactive timelines w/ educational portal.

11. Timeglider

One of my favorite sites around for creating interactive timelines that can be embedded into a site. Also, a user can generate a legend/key to help navigate their timeline.

12. Timeline

A robust iPad app for creating timelines w/ the ability to generate reports.


A wonderful site for viewing timelines in 5 different historical categories.

14. Timestream

A nice iPad app for creating timelines w/ images, that allows a user to email them or print off as a PDF.

15. Timetoast

A wonderful site for creating a timeline that can be embedded into a site or blog. Best of all, a user can choose to view their timeline in standard mode or in text view only.

16. Timeline 3D

An innovative app for creating stunning 3 Dimensional timelines w/ images and videos. Also, Timeline 3D can be exported into PPT or Keynote for other options.

17. Timeline Builder

A excellent iPad app for creating beautiful timelines w/ images and lots of themes to choose from.

18. Timeline Maker

A popular iPad app for creating timelines by stacking up tiles or events.

19. Timeline Maker (Soft Schools)

A simple site similar to RWT, that allows users to create a timeline through text/template.

20. WhenInTime

A great user-friendly site for creating embeddable timelines. (Network for Teachers).

30hands Learning

30hands Learning is an excellent company for creating an innovative LMS (Learning Management System) as well as a free iOS app that is ideal for digital storytelling. The 30hands community is a perfect cloud based solution that allows educators to: manage/track students, hand in/out assignments, schedule events, and more. This free iOS app uses an easy drag-n-drop interface to allow users to take or upload/draw images. Once the images are uploaded they can then be dragged into any order. Finally, a user can then record their audio to narrate a story. It can then be saved to the users' device or shared into the 30hands Learning community. This is an excellent free tool to integrate technology into the classroom that can be used by any subject.


30hands Pro is the new paid iOS app from 30hands Learning. This is a great purchase as it unlocks all the features in the free 30hands app such as: importing video clips, photos w/ audio recordings to create stunning presentations, Dropbox/Google Drive integration, and Hi-Res video exporting. 30hands is amazingly simple to use app w/ drag-n-drop interface that allows users to sync up 30hand online educational community. This can be used for digital storytelling, Project Based Learning, or even to "Flip" a lesson. Also the exporting features allows the video to be saved to the mobile device's camera roll or uploaded.

TiltShiftMaker can miniaturize your photos and add effects quickly.

TokaiDai: Fukuoka Tokai University


Tocomail is a site/app I recently covered that is ideal for having kids email in a safe environment. Not only does this site have a built in filter for catching inappropriate words, but it just recently updated their app w/ a bully-filter which looks for patterns of bullying and then quarantines them for parents to look at. This is just another safety feature for parents like controlling the contact list, as well as viewing all emails that are quarantined.


Tackk is a excellent site that reminds me a lot of Glogster or Smore for creating stunning presentations. This is a very user-friendly site that allows users to create a static page for free by simply just typing and adding types of content (video, audio, images, links, etc.) I recommend registering as a user otherwise a "Tackk" will delete after 7 days. Best of all, a finished project can be shared via a unique URL or embedded into a site/blog. Here are some educational examples of Tackk in use...

RWT Timeline

RWT Timeline is a wonderful free iPad app (by Read Write Think) for creating timelines. This is all done through an easy drag-n-drop interface and allows users to add linkable images to text to create a beautiful looking timeline. Also, a user can create their own profile for saving purposes and share via email or print out via a PDF. [Written by dkapuler on Jan 18, 2014].

TED Ed Clubs

TED-Ed Clubs is a new idea/program that I heard about first from Sue Gorman on FB and then later in more detail from Larry Ferlazzo's great blog. Basically, this program helps ignite a student's creativity and share their ideas in a global way. This is a program designed for students 8-18 yrs old and must be facilitated by an educator. [Written by dkapuler on Jan 15, 2014].

Tell About This

Tell About This is an innovative iPad app that has beginning to make some buzz among the social networks (Thanks Naomi). This is a fantastic app for responding or creating a writing prompt. A teacher can use it as a writing prompt for students to tell a story. Best of all, a student can use the app to record their response right into the app. Also, a student/teacher can use it to create their own prompt or even use it for digital storytelling. It can also be used to "flip" a classroom. [Written by dkapuler on Jan 08, 2014].

TESOL Online Certification Course (most reasonably priced!)

TESOL 2015

March 25 - 28, 2015

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Electronic Village Special Events: Call for Proposals

Deadline for Submissions: November 30, 2014


Bucket List Trips you should add to your ďMust See TravelĒ Agenda!

English Texts with Chinese support.


Twitter : @judiehaynes @DianeRavitch

EFL learners especially need more explicit teaching, as implicit learning from context is much too slow. Many Tools on V Page of our www.CALLL4ALL.US World CALL Directory.

Tools 4 Students

Tools 4 Students is an excellent iPad app designed to help students wtih their Writing/Comprehension. The way this works is T4S supplies 25 graphic organizers that focus on such skills as: cause/effect, main idea, KWL, etc, and can be edited/saved/shared to help students organize their thoughts and strengthen their skills. [Written by dkapuler on Dec 30, 2013].

Edshelf collection on Educational iOS Apps

TESOL on Long-Term English Learners

Teachers with Apps (Great selection for young kids!)

Tic-Tac Bananas

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is one of the best sites around for finding educational resources such as worksheets, printables, puzzles, and more. This is a great place where educators can browse by subject and even find generators to create their very own worksheets, puzzles, crosswords, etc. Also, many of STW resources are aligned to Common Core Standards. [Written by dkapuler on Jan 30, 2014 ].


Easiest and fastest way to increase parent contact, refer, AND document all in one place?

Tell About This

Ignite your students' creativity with photo prompts + open-ended questions in this iPad app. Record their stories as videos they can share.


Publish beautifully-formatted essays, poems, novels, notes, and other literary work with this mobile and web app.

Dictations Are Fun!

From TEFL Reflections

Teacher-Created Tools

Curious about edtech tools made by fellow educators? Here is a collection I put together. Please let me know if I'm missing anything!

Teach For America Alumni-Created Tools

How about an EdTech tool created by Teach For America alumni? Here is a collection curated by TFA.

British Library Makes One Million Public Domain Images Available Online

Wow! The British Library has just uploaded one million public domain images online. You can read all about it at Boing Boing. See more at The Best Online Sources For Images.

Into the Book

Into the Book always was a great site, but now it's even better! They just announced a big update: "We've rebuilt all the Flash interactives in HTML, losing scarcely any interactivity in the process. Now students can use the website on iPads and other tablets as well as on traditional computers. We also developed new games and interactives to give students even more ways to explore and practice these strategies."

iPads are the Answer - What was the question?

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck has been an excellent slideshow creating tool for the iPad, and is on The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users list. They recently unveiled a web version (you can read about it at Richard Byrne's blog), though you still have to sign-up for an invitation to try it out. I'm still adding it to The Best Ways To Create Online Slideshows. Creating and Using Video is by Edublogs' Sue Waters, and is one of the most useful posts I've seen this year about helping students create online content. See more at A Potpourri Of The Best & Most Useful Video Sites.

Digidna.Net - Diskid Multi-Purpose iPhone File Transfer

DiskAid is an iPhone file transfer software available for PC and Mac in 10 languages that gives access to the iOS file system using a USB connection or via Wi-Fi. DiskAid transfers music and video from any iPhone, iPod or iPad right back to the iTunes library or any location on the computer. DiskAid also transfers text messages (SMS), contacts, notes, voicemail, call history and voice memos to computer. It enables to use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as an external mass storagedevice and with an iPhone file browser like FileAppinstalled, files/documents can easily beingaccessed on the device. iPhone, iPad, iPod Music & File Transfer for PC/Mac.

IMAGES FROM VISUALLY: Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.

Top 100 Sites/Apps of 2013

Well, here it is my favorite and most popular post of the year, my Top 100 Sites/Apps of the year! Continuing w/ the trend from last year, readers are going to find more and more apps on the list and less sites, as the flux in mobile learning and BYOD (bring your own devices) continues to rise. Also, you'll notice that there are a lot of learning tools for Digital Storytelling & Math. I believe the reason for this is because storytelling is a learning tool that can be used by a wide range of educators for any subject, and Math is a very popular subject w/ lots of diverse ways to go about teaching it. W/ that I hope you enjoy this list and as always thanks again for reading! [by Dave Kapuler] **As always any site/app that was listed on a previous year's list will not be listed on this one. [Most are iOS apps.]

Video: "Thanksgiving 2013 Google Doodle"

This Google Doodle would be a great video to show English Language Learners and have them describe what happens in it. More at The Best Sites To Learn & Teach About Thanksgiving.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is an excellent educational resource for educators. This is a fantastic site for finding not only worksheets, but printables, puzzle generators, common core aligned items, and more. Also, they have a wide variety of resources for Christmas and seasonal activities. [Thanks to David Kapuler].


Add hotspots to an image that can pop open audio, video, and other rich media. Let a picture tell a million words.


Manage the "backchannel" of your classroom by inviting your students to a private chat room for questions, comments, and help.

Taught It

Taught It is a nice free file sharing site for educators. This is a nice simply way for teachers to share files, images, documents, videos, etc. It's easy to use and a user has a nice dashboard that manages resources and contacts.


Quest is a innovative site/Windows app for creating text based adventure games (i.e, Zork). This is a very useful way to teach programming/coding to students as it has a button which will hide/show scripting/programming language (i.e., Dreamweaver). Also, a user can add images and video to really "spice" up their game.


LearnBIG is a new curation site that reminds me of a cross between MentorMob and Edshelf. This is a excellent site to find 1000's of educational resources on a wide variety of subjects (sites, apps, etc) reviewed by fellow: parents, educators, students. Best of all a person can save, tag, and curate their favorites into a list.

Here is info straight from their press release...

1. The site is community-reviewed by parents, teachers and learners.

2. The format provides an easy way to search, filter and compare results.

3. LearnBIG offers thousands of resources collected from websites and apps including games, courses, videos, and textbooks for all ages from Pre-k, K-12 and continuing learners.


Animoby is an excellent iPad app from Edshelf. This is a great app to create stunning presentations by simply tapping on the screen and using one of the many tools such as: draw, paint, type, images, etc. Also, a user can add a narration by recording their voice and then share their project via email.


Jukeboxlessons is a new site for online learning/tutoring. The way this works is a educator can sign up to teach any subject/lesson and charge what they want. Students then can browse and find what they want to learn from educators around the world. This is all done either through Skype or Google Hangouts.


Shake-a-Phrase is a fun/educational iOS app for Writing. This app is ideal for educators as it works on different skills such as parts of speech and Vocab. Also, SAP is great for Writing as teachers can use it to create writing prompts. Best of all there is a quiz feature which allows students to test their knowledge on: adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc.

5 Little Monkeys

Little Monkeys is the iOS app based off the popular kids nursery rhyme. This app is ideal for the youngsters, ideally PreK-KDG. Monkeys is an interactive nursery rhyme that helps kids learn word recognition and counting as they listen and engage in the song. I love this app as my 4 yr old knew the song from Preschool and my 2 yr old had a blast watching as he sang along and touched the monkeys on the screen as the rhyme played.

Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets is a must have resource for educators especially for those starting out the school year. STW is a wonderful site that has printable worksheets on almost any topic. Also, a teacher can find worksheet generators for puzzles, Math, and more. Finally, many of the printables on STW are aligned to Common Core.

Top Ten Things to Learn Together about Web 2.0 Tools (Group Start-up Projects):

Thing 1: Blogging

Thing 2: Online Communities & Personal Learning Networks

Thing 3: RSS, Personal Home Pages and Feed Readers

Thing 4: Photo Sharing. Editing and Fun

Thing 5: Digital Storytelling & Presentation Tools

Thing 6: Curation Tools

Thing 7: Podcasting and Screencasting

Thing 8: Collaborating, Connecting, Sharing

Thing 9: Databases and Search Tools

Thing 10: Productivity Tools

The history of technology in education [YouTube]


Technology has changed every facet of education, how will you shape the classroom of tomorrow?

Dictations Are Fun!

is from TEFL Reflections. It doesn't exactly fit, but I'm adding it to The Best Resources For Learning How To Use The Dictogloss Strategy With English Language Learners.


TeqTeq is a new site designed to offer online professional development to K-12 educators. Includes over 30 educators who specialize in offering best practices and integrating technology in a wide variety of areas, such as: digital whiteboards, web 2.0, Google Apps, etc etc. (For a complete list click here). Best of all Teq will develop a customized professional development plan for any school or organization. [Written by dkapuler on Dec 19, 2013. Thanks to Technology & Learning for the tip!]


Taplingua is a free iPad app for adults for learning the Spanish language. Unlike other apps that teach you specific words by associating it w/ an object (ala flashcard style) Taplingua uses real-life situations and conversations to teach the language. The way this works is quite innovative as a user first listens to a conversation between two native speakers and then watch a video where a tutor guides a person through the conversation pointing out hints, cues, etc (Guided Learning). After that there is a pop-up note section to help strengthen and reinforce learning before taking exercise to gage one's success. [Written by dkapuler on May 24, 2013].

ClassDojo TrendSpotter

ClassDojo TrendSpotter is a new tool for teachers that helps them assess and share student data in a visual way. TEACHER TOOL TO TRACK STUDENT TRENDS EASILY! What's new: Easily see your students improve; Simply track behaviors by hour, day, or week; and Get amazing insights about your classes!

Tech for Teachers is a nice little site that I just found out about from Free Technology 4 Teachers. This is a nice site for History teachers that has 5 wonderful interactive timelines (Britain's history, Small Pox, etc) to explore through. These timelines contain images, text, and video and a person can view them by chapter as well. [Written by dkapuler on Feb 09, 2013].

Technium: The Improbable is the New Normal - TESOL Quarterly and programs from Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Ten Elements Of Effective Instruction

Technical Journal Articles

"Amazon Effect"

BRIDGES "Under Construction or Destruction"

Analysis, design and load rating software for all bridge types.

Bridge Engineers

Your one stop resource for bridge engineering, design, management

ASCE Online Library - Free search 800,000 pages

All areas of civil engineering

Science & Engineering journals

Read scientific articles - Free access to Maney's Materials

Chunyu Construction S/B - Construction, Engineering Works

Industrial Plants and Facilities

Journal of Bridge Engineering

Editor: Anil Agrawal, P.E., Ph.D., M.ASCE, City College of New York. ISSN: 1084-0702 eISSN: 1943-5592. Frequency: Monthly

Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering - NRC Research Press

Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, Published on the web 4 February 2013, Effects of Column Stiffness Irregularity on the Seismic Response of Bridges

Journal - American Society of Civil Engineers

ASCE publishes 33 journals-more than 7,000 papers per year of civil engineeringresearch and practice.

Proceedings of the ICE - Bridge Engineering - ICE Virtual Library

Prof. Yozo FUJINO - Bridge and Structure Lab

Journal of Bridge Engineering

A publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Civil Engineering Journals

Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering

Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering (Formerly known as Frontiers of Architecture; hydraulic engineering; geotechnical engineering; and bridge engineering. The journal aims to promote rapid communication and exchanges.

Technium: The Improbable is the New Normal


27th Bridge Workshop

Damage Analysis of Bridges Affected by Tsunami due to Great East Japan Earthquake

Kenji Kosa; Development of Tsunami Design Criteria for Oregon

Western Branch of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers Institute of public utility association

ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology (Indian)

Teachers Teaching Teachers

Through a weekly interactive Webcast hosted by EdTechTalk, New York City Writing Project teachers bring together other teachers from across the country and the globe to discuss issues of classroom practice with new digital technology and to think through shared curriculum projects.

TPACK (Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge)

TPACK attempts to capture some of the essential qualities of knowledge required by teachers to integrate technology in their teaching, while addressing the complex, multifaceted, and situated nature of teacher knowledge.

TOP 100 SITES & APPS OF 2012

Technology Developments: Historical Timeline and Visualizations

Best Places To Find Free (And Good) Lesson Plans On The Internet:

Share A Lesson

The American Federation of Teachers has unveiled a new site where educators can upload lessons to share (and, of course, download them, too). It's called Share A Lesson, and you can read more about it in the New York Times article, Teachers' Union to Open Lesson-Sharing Web Site


The New Class Dojo has just been released. To check out this sleek new look as well as new features, first login, then goto this URL...

The new features include: easier navigation, mass PDF download, share a students report w/ more than one parent, and more... Also, I like how easy it is to print out student logins as well as view a student video and use a mobile device.



Tioki is a professional network for educators that reminds me of a cross between a Ning network and Linkedin. This is a great place for educators to create a profile, display their skills, and find/collaborate w/ other educators. What makes Tioki nice are the innovative features such as: interactive whiteboard, the ability to demo a lesson, or the ability to create a event. For Kapuler's Pinterest board on Social Networks for Education click here.



Tackk is a site I just learned about from one of my favorite blogs, The Educational Technology Guy. This site reminds me a bit of Glogster as it is a place to create a page w/ multi-media content. A person can add text, images, embed items and more. Once a board is finished then can then share it via a URL. These boards do get erased over time but if a person creates a free account then can then save it.

Web20-21st Century Tools/Wikispaces (Tech Tidbits)

Top 10 Educational Wikis List and Quick Links- Hi all, this Dave Kapuler's bi-annual post to remind people they can find all his top 10 lists and more from one location. He says "I hope you enjoy looking through them as much as I did creating them!"

Here's a preview at what is to come in 2012

50 Sites in 60 Seconds V.3; Top 10 Sites for Educational Apps; Top 20 Sites for Creating Charts/Graphs

T is for Tsunsmi: THANKS from Japan's Tsunami Victims!


ThinkBinder is a great site for creating study groups. Not only can a user create a study group but they can create a live video/text chat to share and collaborate.


Teacher Experience Exchange

The Teacher Experience Exchange is a social network designed by HP for educators. This is a nice site for finding educational resources such as web 2.0 tools and lesson plans, and of course collaborating w/ others. Also, this is a good site for professional development and articles are rated on a 5 star scale which helps for deciding on what is relevant material. For Kapuler's top 20 social networks for education click here.

Tips for Teachers and Tutors of European Languages

Teaching Channel

Teaching Channel is a great site to see teachers "in action". This is a great way to learn effective teaching techniques and strategies while being inspiring as well. A teacher can join their online community to share and collaborate w/ other educators and share lesson plans as well.

I love that teaching

Teacher-created tips, ideas, and resources on things from assessment to substitutes and everything in-between!


AccuTeach is an educational community for educators to communicate and share resources w/ other educators. Also, this is a place where parents can connect w/ teachers and collaborate w/ other community members.


TeachBook is a nice social network for educators where teachers can create/share resources such as lesson plans (called planbooks), videos, etc. For Kapuler's top 20 social networks for education click here.

Teaching resources from OER Commons

Open Educational Resources is a great site for educational resources for educators to post and find lesson plans in all different content areas. There is also a nice bookmark button that allows users to browse on a site then add it to OER by the use of that button. For top 10 sites for educational resources, click here.

Teacher View

Teacher View is an excellent site for teachers to find abundant resources. Educators can find everything from lesson plans, to worksheets and charts. For Kapuler's top 10 educational resources click here.

Teachers' Domain

Teachers' Domain is an excellent free resource for educators. These are all digital media type resources that contain tons of video, lessons, and material for teachers. All videos can be searched by subject and streamed online. Registered users can share, save, and download videos too. (Written by dkapuler on Dec 20, 2011 12:02 pm)

Teachers with Apps

Teachers w/ Apps is a nice site for educators to read up on the latest apps for education. This is done in a nice blog style format that has well written reviews w/ screen shots of the actual app. This is a really nice site that has lots of useful information.

Why Teach?

Slideshow on motivations for teaching

Free Articles about Teaching English as a Second Language


Teamie is a site that reminds me a bit of Moodle. This is a site that allows users to create a social network for online classrooms populated w/ teachers and students. For educators this is a great place to create online quizzes and have them automatically graded. Students then can view their online gradebook. Also, this is a great place for teachers to collaborate w/ parents via the cloud.


Tech Issues Resolved is an interesting social network that is designed to answer questions and FAQ's around technical issues. It does have some nice collaboration among popular educational devices such as: smart phones and hardware issues. [Written by dkapuler on Feb 19, 2012] puts front pages of websites in one place - good for listing EFL learning sites for students, etc.

Canada TESOL has articles free (unlike U.S.)

Tower of


Self-explanatory English Exercises for students and teachers

Has free stuff but also commercial


Good for students


ESL Activities for both students and teachers

Time-Lapsed 'Round the World Journey: Abandoning a successful business career'

Kien Lam quit his job and spent a year traveling around the world, shooting time-lapse videos in 17 countries. Time Is Nothing is his five-minute compilation of these moments. EFL students may be asked to describe people, places and countries they see.



Duolingo is a wonderful new (private beta) for learning a foreign language. This is done by having users translate the web/text at their learning place. Sentences are given to users at their own learning pace and if they don't know a word DL helps by supplying correct words w/ images. For another great foreign language learning site using more multimedia materials, check out Study Stream.

Livedoor Translate is Korean-based

It can translate between 9 Languages:English - Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Nifty Honyaku

Does English - Japanese Translations. | Similar Websites

19 Best Websites that are similar to Translate.livedoor.


Free Text to Speech. Easy to use. Listen to text anytime & anywhere

Voice>Text Transcription:

Convert Voice to Text Transcripts Free Trial, Low Cost, High Quality

NEW Snap&Read:

Simple one-button toolbar reads any text onscreen

English Speaking Program - Conversational English Video Class

Start Your Free Online Course Now!

English Speaking Software:

Looking for English Speaking Software? Find it Here - Free!

Voice To Text Freeware:

Find, Create, Share Info on Voice To Text Freeware

Squidoo Text Speech Programs

Free online text to speech programs (tts) that are absolutely free to use can be found everywhere on the Internet.

5 Best Free Text to Speech Software: Free Software

There are many free text to speech software available in the market. Most of these software work almost the same way

Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader - CNET

If you fall into this category, Ultra Hal Text-to-Speech Reader offers a simple program to help users select text and have it read aloud.

Text to Speech - TTS SDK - Speech Recognition (ASR)


iSpeech free text to speech (TTS) and speech recognition (ASR) software converts text to natural sounding voice recognition online.

ReadPlease: Software that lets your computer talk

ReadPlease 2003 for Windows has been discontinued (text-to-speech software).

Free Text to Speech Software Downloads - Freeware Files

Text to Speech Software

Convert text documents to speech for reading text aloud as voice or convert doc to mp3 to listen to later.

This software can be downloaded for free at

WordTalk - A free text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word. For people with reading and writing difficulties, having text reinforced by hearing it read aloud can help

IM Best Free Text-to-Speech and Translation (TTS) Program Online!

Technology Integration Matrix

This is a model with five levels of tech integration and five characteristics of meaningful learning; includes overviews, lessons, and videos for various content areas


Translate Pages & Text, Spell Checker, Online Dictionary, Currency Converter


Keybr is a great site to practice and improve your keyboard skills. This is a very easy site to use, and once finished a user can view nice charts/graphs on their progress/speed/accuracy.


Type Racer is a fun site to help students practice and improve their typing skills. What makes this so much fun is the ability to challenge your friends and race in a private room, or one can just race other random people online. Finally, an educator can sign up for a classroom account which adds additional educational features.


TypingWeb is a nice free site for people who want to learn how to type. Also, there are some nice features for teachers such as student tracking and grading. A teacher can even track student usage to make sure they are practicing their typing skills. is an independent resource site for teachers of English worldwide. Offers a large TEFL course database and ESL job ads to an online help desk, lesson plans and admin tools. will help you in your career helping others learn English.

A library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the Web

A superb collection of online resources. Search for educational web sites using: Content Areas; Subject Area; Grade Level.

Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber-Hero

Good Intro & Overview Of New Web 2.0 Tools

David Kapuler's blog on Educational/Instructional Technology (ET/IT) has a nice introduction and overview of new web 2.0 tools here.


Teacher Wall is a new site that allows teachers to upload a video/text on anything they want to share/educational topic. Mostly teachers state what their greatest success as a teacher has been. Also, a teacher can browse through videos by most popular or videos in your area.

School Lesson Plans - Scholastic TeacherShare

Thoora Looks Good

Thoora is a tool to create a daily personalized virtual newspaper, and you can read more about it at a TechCrunch post. The interface is clear and clean, and easy to use. Others are at The Best Sites For Creating Personalized "Newspapers" Online.

Top Ten+ Tools for Teachers


TutPup is a new (beta) site for educational games for kids. This site is for kids ages 5-14 and focuses on math, spelling, etc. Best of all, this site is COPPA compliant and is safe for kids to use.

Graphic Organizers for teaching anything!

Tar Heel Reader

Tar Heel Reader has two great features: 1) It has 1,000 simple books with TTS audio support for the text immediately accessible to Beginning English Language Learners, and 2) It makes it as simple as you can get for students to create their own "talking" books using images from Flickr. Tar Heel Reader is a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format. Anybody can read the books on the site. However, in order to have your students create talking books using their "easy as pie" (and free) process, you need to register and have to have a code. Just write for one at

Collaborative Timelines can be great family or class life- and language-learning projects.


Tikatok a site that is a real find for English Language Learners (and lots of other students). Users can create online books that they write and illustrate. They can also use lots of images available on the site. It has a number of features that really make it stand-out. You can make a book from scratch, or you can use one of their many story frames that contain "prompts" to help the story-writer along. In addition, you can invite others to collaborate online with you to develop the book. Once the book is done you can email the link to a friend, teacher, or yourself for posting on a blog, website, or online journal and the site is available on Titatok for others to read. You can create the online version for free, but have to pay if you want them to print a hard-copy version.


FB fan page for Dave Kapuler's blog. Please join/like and keep up to date on posts that will focus on different content from my blog such as: raffle winners, sites I like but don't review, and top 10 lists.Click here or the side tab to like Technology Tidbits Facebook page.


Kapuler's free mobile app. Soon to follow will be iPhone/iPad availability. To build your own mobile app, click here to see how easy it can be done.


Total Relaxed Organization ideas


WhoTeaches is a wonderful new (beta) social network like Wiziq. This is a network designed to facilitate communication between teachers, students, parents, and even offer high level education to other people (a la Wiziq). Plus, w/ a very user friendly interface and excellent search ability by subject or area, What I really like about WhoTeaches is how easy it is to use and how nice and polished it looks. It allows a user to upload their resume, teaching experience, videos, etc. Educators from every subject area can be found on this site. Another great feature is the ability to create groups sharing and collaborating on documents, files, media, etc.

Teacher Reboot Camp

iLearn Technology

Tech Tools for E-Learning (Free 62 page online digital book!)

Technology and Media Literacy Training Videos

Teacher Training Videos

Russell Stannard, a lecturer at the University of Westminster (UK), has created a ton of training videos for many of the common educational technology tools. He covers Moodle, Twitter, Audacity, Wordpress, Jing, podcasting, and many more useful tools.

Technology and Media Literacy Training Videos

90+ Videos for Technology and Media Literacy by Alec Couros, a faculty member at the University of Regina. He collected over 90 "interesting Internet videos that would be appropriate for lessons and presentations, or personal research, related to technological and media literacy."Plan to spend time here!

At TEDIndia, Pranav Mistry demos several tools that help the physical world interact with the world of data -- including a deep look at his SixthSense device and a new, paradigm-shifting paper "laptop." In an onstage Q&A, Mistry says he'll open-source the software behind SixthSense, to open its possibilities to all. Pranav Mistry is the inventor of SixthSense, a wearable device that enables new interactions between the real world and the world of data.

TED Talks or TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

TED: Ideas worth spreading

TED is a small nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading -- through, our annual ... Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world. Watch brand-new talks from TED2010 - TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a U.S private nonprofit foundation best known for its conferences, now held in Europe and Asia as well as the U.S.

TeacherTube - Teach the World | Teacher Videos | Lesson Plan Videos aims to provide an online community for sharing instructional teacher videos. Upload your lesson plan videos or watch student video lessons!

-New languages for calling in Gmail; lower rates

You can now call phones from Gmail in 38 languages. Calls to the United States and Canada are $0.01/minute, and international calling rates have been reduced for over 150 destinations. To make calls, click "Call phone" at the top of your chat roster.

-New languages for Gmail on iPhone and Android

Now you can point your phone's browser to and get Gmail in 44 languages, complete with label support, an outbox for messages composed while offline, the ability to mute messages, and more. Watch the video or learn more.

-New in Labs: Message translation

Turn on "Message translation" from the Labs tab under Settings, and whenever you receive an email in a language other than your own, Gmail will automatically translate it into a language you can understand with just one click.

TRANSLATION PROGRAMS is about the best quick Translator into many languages! Tsoni is another nice re-packaging of the Google Translate program very similar to Tradukka.


Translate instantly between languages, including foreign Emails!

Google Translate Toolbar

Google Translate Toolbar, also found on The Best Reference Websites For English Language Learners - 2008 list, has just gotten better by adding a text-to-speech ability. Unfortunately, though, it doesn't seem to function for lengthy passages. Read more about their improvements at Richard Byrne's Free Technology for Teachers blog. To learn more view . Google Translate now offers you the opportunity to hear translations read to you. The translation service now translates text as you type it rather than waiting for you to finish typing. If you want to translate an entire website, Google Translate now lets you do that by simply typing the url of the site you wish to translate into the translation text box. Click translate, and the entire site will be shown in the language of your choice. Google Translate has now made it easier to handle non-Roman texts.


Idiom Practice Game called "Turn-O-Phrase" Is A Fun Word Game For ELLs

"Turn-O-Phrase" is a fun new game where you are shown images that give hints to common English phrases, and you need to identify that words that would go along with them. You can also get hints. You can play without registration, or you can log-in to keep track of your "points." The site says that they are working on a feature that lets users create their own "phrase games," which will really be an asset. See more at The Best Learning Games For Intermediate English Language Learners (Figures of Speech)

T is for Technology

36 Tools for Digitizing ELT Textbooks

Top Ten Lists

Top 10 Timelines, Top 10 Tips PD, Top 10 Digital Music, Top 10 Slide Shows, Top 10 Brainstorming, Top 10 Backchannel, Top 10 Digital Storytelling

I Learn

iLearn Technology is an Edublog about integrating technology into the classroom.

Top 100 Technology Blogs For Teachers

By Online Degrees (Written by dkapuler)

Online Degrees a new site has just published their top 100 educational blogs.

Big Huge Thesaurus

What it is: Big Huge Thesaurus is a must add to your classroom publishing center. The tag line of Big Huge Thesaurus says it all: "synonyms, antonyms, and rhymes". Big Huge Thesaurus goes beyond other online thesauruses by giving students a wealth of synonyms (for each part of speech), words that sound like the original word, and rhyming words. When students find a word that they are curious about, they can click the link and it will send that word through the Big Huge Thesaurus. How to integrate Big Huge Thesaurus into classroom: If you have classroom computers, set up a writing/publishing center where students have all the resources they need to write including Big Huge Thesaurus. Students can visit the writing center to add richness and interest to their stories, poems, and other writing. This Thesaurus does an excellent job of breaking down words. Use Big Huge Thesaurus on an interactive whiteboard or projector when learning new vocabulary. Type in a vocabulary word and have students construct its meaning using the synonyms that are generated.

Time Maps

Time Maps is a wonderful site highlighted by Free Technology 4 Teachers. This is a great site for history teachers/students and is a cross between a time line, encyclopedia, atlas, and tag cloud.

Timelines: Sources From History

Here is a nifty interactive from the British Library that lets you explore items from its collection using text, video and images. It's very engaging. You can save favorites, but only to a PDF that you can then print-out. There doesn't appear to be any way to save it online.


"Tripline" Is Going To Become a Student & Teacher Favorite. Tripline just opened for business, and it's a great map-making application. You just list the various places you want to go in a journey, or a famous trip that has happened in history or literature, or a class field trip itinerary, and an embeddable map is created showing the trip where you can add written descriptions and photos. You can use your own photos or just search through Flickr. Plus, you can pick a soundtrack to go with it as it automatically plays through the travels. It's super-easy to use, and the only tricky part is that you can't add photos until after you create your trip and save it. See Tripline at The Best Sites Where Students Can Plan Virtual Trips, The Best Map-Making Sites On The Web and The Best Places Where Students Can Write For An "Authentic Audience." Here are examples of the ride of Paul Revere and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

10 Websites For Virtual Sightseeing With Travel Videos

Technology Timeline "Science Of Everyday Life"

"Science Of Everyday Life" is a neat interactive timeline of inventions, and comes from Discovery Education. See more at The Best Sites Where Students Can Learn About Inventions.

Teacher/Educator Websites Reference List (From Ferlazzo's 500 Best Lists)


CanTeach is an excellent site that provides 100's of resources for educators such as lesson plans, links, etc. for elementary schools. Check it out by clicking here!

TEFL Videos

TEFL Videos has over 100 short videos of actual lessons in the classroom with English Language Learners. You have to pay $95 for a year subscription to it, however they also have ten you can see for free. Because of these ten videos, see the site added to The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom.


Have Any Ideas On How "Tizmos" Can Work Better For Teachers and Students?

Tizmos is one of my favorite Web 2.0 applications. It's a super-easy way for users to save thumbnail images (and links) of their favorite websites on one page. It's on both The Best Personal Home Page Creators list and The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students list. They have an online form to respond to, and they're looking at things like "a Tizmos virtual classroom, a way to monitor students, educational mini games, or homework assignments through Tizmos."


(Powered by Google Translation Engine)

Over 50 languages including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese and Spanish available for free online translation.

OddCast Translation and Text to speech

Oddcast has a talking character male or female which will translate any text you paste in the text box and let you hear the translated text! The free version allow 250 characters for "Latin" languages and only 50 for Asian languages. Could be a great add-on in an educational setting.'s Translation Services Directory

TEFL weekend courses

Cactus offers weekend and weekend and online TEFL courses: Learn the basics of teaching English as a foreign language in a weekend, extend your knowledge through related online TEFL components.

TOEFL Preparation Online

TOEFL iBT Sample Test

o Free TOEFLģ iBT test that covers parts of all 4 components - Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. o A glance at real test materials and software interface. o Provided scoring for Reading and Listening. In the Sample Test, Speaking and Writing are not scored.

Travel (Real or Virtual)

The Best Sites Where Students Can Plan Virtual Trips

A nice geography lesson is to have students plan a trip to some location (or locations). There are several web tools that make doing this pretty easy - it's just a matter of identifying where you want to go, looking through the sites to see in those places, and then "dragging-and-dropping" them onto a list that you can subsequently post on a student or teacher website/blog. Most of these sites also allow you to write a description of your trip (and why you chose the places you did), but students can do the same on their own site, too. Even better, most of these sites also let users comment on places they have visited, which make them an excellent place for students to write for an authentic audience about locations they have really visited (which can include local spots). Here are sites most accessible to English Language Learners that let them plan these kinds of virtual trips: Tripwolf; Nile Guide; Go Planit; Ruba; Planet Eye; Tripcart; Tripwiser; Discover America; Travel DK; and Yahoo Travel. See also The Best Resources For Finding And Creating Virtual Field Trips.

Media Library of Teaching Skills

for adult learning and literacy

TESOL: Other Adult Learning Videos

English Trailers

Text Ladder Software and Links

Travel English for Tour Guides (to be)

Talking Calculator

CyberChase from PBS has a great online talking calculator.

It's a perfect way for English Language Learners to do their math and, through listening skills, developing their language abilities.

TESOL Arabia Online Conference


Nice Translator

Nice Translator is the newest addition to The Best Reference Websites For English Language Learners ó 2008.

One way it stands out is by translating into your chosen language as you write it. Most other similar sites require you to input everything and click ďenterĒ before it begins to translate.

Shahi Dictionary

Shahi Dictionary is a dictionary that combines simple definitions with quite a few Flickr photos. The combination of the two makes it pretty accessible to English Language Learners.


A new and innovative online project collaboration platform. TEAMNESS's main features include task management, messages, file sharing, whiteboard, search engine, RSS and notifications. The service is completely web based free to use.


Teachersí BEST Sites for ESL/EFL

Alphabetized A-Z Links Page (from Larry Ferlazzo)

Teachersí BEST E-Learning Online Resource Page

(from Larry Ferlazzo)

English Learners Hub

from the British Council

Teaching English

Includes practical lesson plans, articles, books, downloads, etc. to keep your teaching fresh.

Network for Language Teachers

Network with over 10,000 teachers via this English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme (ELTeCS).

Hornby Educational Trust Professional Development

Hornby Educational Trust runs regional workshops to benefit language teachersí development.

ELT and Educational Technology Search Engine

Use this powerful search engine to help build up your links with others in the CALL and Language Teaching Community worldwide.

4 Teachers works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use.



Educator's Reference Desk users may wish to search ERIC* at the U.S. Department of Education's ERIC website: *The Educators Reference Desk is not affiliated with or funded by the ERIC program or the United States Department of Education. All questions concerning ERIC should be addressed directly to the ERIC program at 1-800-LET-ERIC.

Education Resources Information Center

US Dept of Edís ERIC Ė the worldís largest digital library of educational literature.

ERIC at the U.S. Department of Education's ERIC website. All questions concerning ERIC should be addressed directly to the ERIC program at 1-800-LET-ERIC.

Educational teaching materials massive Digital Library

Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) provides quick and easy access to over 40,000 educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit and commercial Internet sites. Enter a word or words that describe the information you are looking for in the search box on the right side of the GEM page. Virtual Lessons

Selected Links for ESL Teachers

(maintained by The Internet TESL Journal)

Maybe not all of the very best, but definitely some of the best places to start.

Things for ESL/EFL Teachers

From The Internet TESL Journal

Teaching Techniques for ESL/EFL Teachers on Topics from A-Z

From The Internet TESL Journal

The Internet TESL Journal

For Teachers of English as a Second Language

Articles, Research Papers, Lessons Plans, Classroom Handouts, Teaching Ideas & Links

Treasure Hunts: Internet Treasure Hunts for ESL Students

Some people call them scavenger hunts. (from The Internet TESL Journal's Activities for ESL Students)


Systematic vocabulary learning strategy

(Tom Cobbís Excellent Approach)

Lextutor lists

Use these linked vocabulary level lists to start!

All these lists are connected by simple mouse-clicks to both a speech engine and a large corpus of natural English. So each word can be heard and met in a variety of contexts. Use these lists systematically and your English 1k, 2k, AWL/UWL vocabulary learning will be well under way. You will more readily recognize these words each time you meet them again and learn even more.

Lextutor levels

Test how well you know the 2000, 3,000, 5,000, 10,000 and UWL lists. Then fill in any gaps you find to build the strong vocabulary you need to be a good English reader.


Survey and Test-Maker; Web-Polls, Mini-Surveys, etc.

Digitales story-telling

A site with all types of digital storytelling resources including how-to's, tips and tricks, tools, and scoring guides.

Second Life Online Conference

Tafiti is probably the most versatile Search Engine yet designed. This great new search service - Tafiti (built with Silverlight) is built by Microsoft. Use it to quickly search not only the Web but also Halo Blogs, News, Photo Images, RSS Feeds. Then filter, save or share them with anyone, anywhere! Truly amazing! It loads quickly and adds great additional functionality/ interactivity to sites. After a few minutes with Tafiti - saving and tagging searches - all sorts of ideas/options/uses come to mind. Clicking on the tree view gives a visual representation of key areas...and the user can drag the slide bar to "seedling" or "full tree" size.

Japanís Transportation in Tokyo

English information about the Tokyo Subway System is available here.


World CALL Directory

Aims to be a Clearinghouse of all available Online Dictionaries, Language Learning Links and CALL Organization World-wide.

CALL4ALL.US is John Paul Loucky's Homepage for the Website you are currently using.

Markís ESL Links

Markís ESL lists top links for English teachers & students.

TEACHERSí LINKS INCLUDE: Banner Ads Wall; Bonus Links Directory; ESL China Room; ESL Black/ White Lists Area; Discipline and Management Room; Flash Card Room; ESL Articles Library; Korean Language Room; Lesson Plan Room; Link Search Center; Mark's ESL World Gazette; Photo Gallery; TESOL Room; Teachers' Resources Center; Teachers' Services Center; Teachers' Educational Center; Teaching Tips and Ideas Room; "Teaching In ..." Area; Teaching English in Vietnam Room; Unusual ESL Links Area. View The Career Center to find jobs in all areas, The ESL Job Sites Area; General Teaching Jobs Area. Visit the Lounge to explore most popular areas of the Internet.

Karen`s Linguistic Issues

Victoria Muehleisen

Associate Professor in English School of Law, Waseda University

Hong Kong Virtual Language Center

Kenji Kitao`s

Links to English language research - EFL and communication.

Tom Robb's Homepage

CALL links

Claire Bradin Siskin's

CALL topics

Lauren Rosenís Language Links

Dr. Loretta Kasperís Homepage

Dr. Loretta Kasperís Online English Courses

Extensive Reading

NEW SITE FOR EXTENSIVE READING HEADQUARTERS! Extensive Searchable Research Reference List with Abstracts


TBLT 2007 - Task-Based Language Teaching Online Proceedings

Designing Online Reading & Writing Courses & Tasks to Maximize L2 Learning (John Paul Loucky)

Flash Presentation Loucky

Designing Online Tasks to Maximize L2 Learning

Handout Loucky

Designing Online Reading & Writing Courses & Tasks to Maximize L2 Learning


TESOL / TEFL Links for Developing Teachers

Formerly known as The Human-Languages Page but now called I Love Languages, this is a comprehensive catalog of language-related Internet resources. The over 2000 links in its database have been hand-reviewed to bring you the best language links the Web has to offer. Whether you're looking for online language lessons, translating dictionaries, native literature, translation services, software, language schools, or just a little information on a language you've heard about, I Love Languages probably has something to suit your needs (to paraphrase their words). With 218 Languages carefully catalogued, it has a highly readable, clear and crisp presentation that is most user-friendly for either language student or teacher.

Its 11 Language Categories include 11 Sub-Categories well-organized for easy searching: By Language - Language Lessons - Collections of Links - Linguistics - Conferences - Organizations - Dictionaries - Teaching Resources - Free Translation - Web Logs (Blogs) - Language Identification

Marie Nuzzi's

List of valuable ESL resources & practice sites - abundant ESL information for teachers and students.

ESOL 4 All

ESOL 4 All has many good free resources for teaching and learning English.

Aarvark's EFLResources

ESL Monkeys

ESL Monkeys have some great links and resources.

American Teachers

Tools for Teachers, Parents & Students.

Awesome Library

Awesome Library organizes the web with 26,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5% in education.

Hot Topics Include - American flag, current events, religion and politics, tsunamis, presidential race, iraq, biographies, education, environment, medical care, obesity, fitness, holidays, middle east conflict, multicultural, terrorism, bullying, world peace, and encyclopedias.

You can Browse in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Malay, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese!

Churchill House

Information on the school, including free English lessons and English teaching material.

Directory for all ELT / EFL areas in Japan

Lesson Plans Page

Collection of over 2,500 free lesson plans for pre-K12.

Free ESL flash card English games

Free esl flash card English games that you can make, play and print. On Teaching Fish it is free to make, play and print ELS flash cards. These highly interactive multi-media flash cards use animation, sound, and user interaction to make the esl practice experience as fun as possible. You can choose from numerous sets of pre-made cards or you can make your own... it is up to you. Teach or learn English vocabulary | Teach or learn English verbs | Give or take short practice quizzes | Learn about or teach common English expressions | Expand your knowledge of English grammar | Make games for your friends or students to play | Practice all sorts of English skills for free.

Free English Flashcards

MES-English ESL/EFL Resources for Teachers - ESL/EFL resources for Teachers of Young Learners - 900+ FREE flash cards, phonics cards, game cards and activities all ready for download and use this afternoon.

Teacher Help

Free educational resources for teachers in Christian, public, private, and home schools.

Foreign Languages Ideas

Links to (and descriptions of) ideas for teaching foreign languages.

Teacher Express

Links related to teaching.

Simon's ELT Activity Land

Favorite Links, Photo Album, Word Games, Jokes & Hoaxes, Letter & Picture Card Page, Free Speaking Fun, Roleplays, Fun Things, Ways of Remembering, Fun Drilling, Playing Cards, Free Speaking Fun, Moving Students, Classroom Management, Creative Thinking, Present Perfect, Sentence-Level Games.


Online Education and Interactive Learning worldwide to over 150 countries.

Vocabulary Test Activities

For GRE & SAT Practice, history, science, and people.

Syvum Translation

Syvum's translation Services.


(Teaching English as a Second Language or Foreign Language)

Internationally-recognized source of ESL and EFL information for people in scores of countries.

Internet TESL Online Journal

A monthly web journal for teachers of English as a second language (articles, research papers, lessons plans, classroom handouts, teaching ideas, links, etc.).

Internet TESL Online Journal Articles


Internet TESL Online Journal Links

TESL / TEFL / TESOL / ESL / EFL / ESOL links of interest to students & teachers of English as a second language.

The Best on the Web for Teachers

The Web Portal for Educators - lots of links with lots of resources

English Resources

teaching and revision resources (Britain)

Free Resources for English Teaching

Secondary English teaching resources, lesson plans and schemes of work for teachers of English language and literature (Britain)

Sites for Teachers

educational web sites, lesson plans, free worksheets, e-books

One Stop English

lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, tutorials, forum, e-lesson warehouse, related websites, TEFL jobs, etc. (Britain)

Inside Out

weekly lessons on topical themes

Reward English

monthly lessons on cultural topics including festivals and celebrations

Cambridge ESOL On-line

the website of the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) with full information on all of the Cambridge ESOL examinations and tests, as well as the latest news from Cambridge.

Oxford University Press ELT Links and Teacher Clubs

Oxford University Press English Language Teacher Clubs

Funland Linguistic TESL Resources has provided Funland Linguistic TESL Resources for teachers and for English Teachers and students of ESL/EFL since 1994.

Language Guide

a collaborative project that aims to make available extensive free resources for learning languages.

English-to-go - Instant Lessons

A searchable, on-line library of 100's of printable, photocopiable English lessons. Elementary to advanced. Each lesson comes complete with teachers' notes and answer keys, news articles, pre-reading activities, reading comprehension and grammar exercises, games, role plays or discussions.

English 4 U - ESL Lesson Plans

Free, ready-to-use ESL lesson plans for English language teachers based on current news stories and lyrics of popular songs.

Watch Education

education resources list for colleges, online learning, online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects, etc.

English Raven

educational resources and materials for teachers of ESL/EFL to young learners.

Extensive Reading

Information on extensive reading with an emphasis on its application to Second or Foreign Language Learning.

Genki English

Elementary school English games, songs and ideas.

Ernie's Activity Page

Ideas for activities and games in the foreign language classroom.

Hot Potatoes

Programs to create educational materials, especially exercises and tests, in the form of web pages.

Kanto Gakuen High School "English Adventure"

Easy vocabulary quizzes, puzzles, and games with pictures and images.

EFL Club

(also known as Brett's Games)

Quizzes, songs, games, stories, etc. for students and teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

Breaking News English Daily

ESL's most up-to-date News English resource. Daily, still-hot Current Affairs lessons & FREE. 100% copiable. Over 20 communicative ideas per lesson. Saves planning. Energizes classrooms, and teachers. As the news breaks, teach it.

English Specialist

An international site for students and teachers of English as a foreign language with exercises, worksheets, useful links and resources, reading, fun, games, etc.

English Online

a New Zealand site for English teachers with fully resourced teaching units, links to sites, an internet tutorial, projects for students and a discussion forum

ESL Lounge

free ESL lesson materials for teachers: grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board

games, pronunciation and more (all free and printable)

English Maze

A unique website for students, teachers and schools learning English. The English Maze contains hundreds of dynamic Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing & Grammar activities. Plus Chat, E-pals, Discussion boards, lesson plans + many other free resources.

The ESL Links Site

resources for ESL students and teachers (English grammar, listening, vocabulary,

quizzes, tests, books, CDs, tapes)


free, non-commercial educational web services for educators and students

Teaching Treasures

online activities, projects, free worksheets, teacher resources and ideas

A Byte of Language

English teaching resources + online exercises (with Hot Potatoes)

education resources on the internet.

Language Lessons for 75 different Languages

Also links to these 8 resources: BBC Language Sites, On-Line Grammars, e-Free,, free Online Language Courses (for 50 languages!), Foreign Language for Travelers, Language Box Online Lessons, Word2Word Language Resources (formerly

I Love Languages - Teaching Resources

English and Spanish teaching resources

Schackneís Developing Teachers

great lesson plan ideas!

Schackneís Online Language Teaching and Learning Courses

Schackneís Great Language Exercises

(16 Types) for Developing Teachers to try. Sample language exercises using Schackne Online.

Schackneís Language Pages

Schackneís excellent language pages include:

ESL-EFL Resources, Curricula, ESL-EFL Home Pages, Technology, CALL, Organizations, Media, Publications, Other Languages, Language Schools, Search Engines, Other Schackne Online Pages.

Language Teaching and Translation Organizations

Over 40 major language teaching and translation organizations at

Teaching English Flash Presentations and Podcasts


Top ESL/TESOL Programs

Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

The Internet TESL Journal

A monthly web journal including articles & research papers, lessons & lesson plans and teaching techniques as well as links of interest to teachers of English as a second language. Publications

TESOL/TEFL Resource Library

TESOL Recommended Links


About 15,000 Links of Interest to Teachers and Students of English as a Second Language (Site Map of - Kelly Brotherís TESOL Links Library)

Language Teaching Network


Activities for ESL students - quizzes, crossword puzzles, treasure hunts and more.

TEFL Networks for English Teachers. Resources to teach English as a foreign or second language, including TEFL course database, TEFL jobs centre, TEFL help desk, ESL lesson plans and teacher forums.

Interesting things for ESL students

Charles Kelly & Lawrence Kelly - daily page, slang, quizzes, proverbs, anagrams, randomly-generated sentences, and more. Interactive exercises using Flash, Javascript, and Java, for students of English. The focus is on American English.

Learning languages, information and communications technology links

A large number of interactive quizzes, sorted by level, for learners of English, plus a database of annotated links for English learners, searchable by category, and links to current news stories. The site has been created by students at the College of Foreign Languages in Czestochowa, Poland.

BBC World Service Learning English

British Council

- web resources for English language teaching (ELT) worldwide.

British National Corpus

A 100 million word collection of samples of written and spoken language from a wide range of sources, designed to represent a wide cross-section of current British English, both spoken and written.

English Club

Lots of resources, including reference materials, study aids, and quizzes, for teachers and learners of English.

English Zone

all kinds of learning and teaching material, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, etc.

English Specialist

An international site for students and teachers of English as a foreign language with exercises, worksheets, useful links and resources, reading, fun, games, etc.

Using English

English language learning online - resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers

ESL Lessons and Links

Lessons, grammar info, and interactive exercises (which give meaningful responses, rather than just right/wrong). The authors also publish an online Internet Journal written by and for ESL students.

Dave's ESL Cafe

"Where learning English is Fun!". A friendly website for students and teachers of ESL, with language resources and online chat rooms.

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Lots of English grammar references and interactive exercises (written in Javascript and CGI). An excellent resource for both teachers and learners of English.


This website is dedicated to Information and Communications Technology for Language Teachers. A total of 16 training modules have been completed and are being continually updated.

Interactive Listening Comprehension Practice

Interactive listening comprehension exercises using RealAudio clips recorded from American radio stations.

Of Course

A site full of resources for English learners studying for the Cambridge First Certificate in English, including past papers, online tests with detailed feedback, suggestions for further study, analyses of learning styles, and multimedia exercises. A useful resource.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

Lots of English listening quizzes using audio and video materials. Each quiz has Pre-listening, Listening, and Chat Centre.

Stirling University's EFL Listening Pages

Interactive English listening exercises, including logic puzzles, treasure hunts, telephone messages, and crosswords.

Teaching English

A co-production between the BBC and the British Council. Wicked stuff for English learners. Interactive multimedia activities, most of which require browser plug-ins (Shockwave, RealAudio).

WELL Project

The principal aim of the WELL Project (Web Enhanced Language Learning) was to promote wider awareness and more effective use of the World Wide Web for Modern Languages teaching across Higher Education (HE) in the United Kingdom (UK).

English Forum

the web portal for students and teachers of English (ESL/EFL)

Parapal Online

a wide variety of interactive English grammar, listening and reading exercises.

Free English

learn English and have fun

ESL go provides free online English grammar and vocabulary classes based on Harry Potter, the stock market, music, and other interesting topics. There are also English practice message boards. The Resources for ESL and EFL teachers include business English, speaking activities, and lesson plans.

Real English

free English language teaching videos online.

Your English Online

an award winning English language teaching website offers quizzes, grammar activities on weekly basis. The site aims to improve your everyday, business, workplace, and exam English.

English Daily

Learn English every day.

ESL Blue(s)

English as a foreign or second language; interactive quizzes, readings, games for students learning English providing multi-feedback, instant correction and diagnostic tests

ESL Teachers Board

Free lessons written by teachers / professional writers, audio lessons, 50 articles, list of international ESL schools (1,090), ESL Java games / quizzes, ESL discussion forum, etc. Free access to over 2,500 ESL job offers worldwide, 2,200 ESL resumes.

English for Professional Communication -

created at the English Centre, University of Hong Kong to help university students improve English skills necessary to communicate in a professional setting (business letters, e-mail, telephoning, reporting, interviewing, presentation, etc.)

Karin's ESL Partyland

interactive quiz centre, discussion forum, links

Blue Book of Grammar

an on-line English grammar and punctuation reference guide including exercises with answers


free interactive and print-out exercises to learn English, including grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and typical mistakes

Learn English Now

exercises, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

English behind the Scenes offers ready-made exercises based on the latest

films, together with teacher's notes and table of contents.

Kids ESL textbooks

Children ESL textbooks for ages 8 - 12.

Teach Yourself English

Easy-going, friendly English teaching aid. Conversation, songs, quiz, literature. Suitable for teachers and students alike.

ESL City

a great number of worksheets, flashcards, reading and question topics, board and card games for the English classroom.

English Maze

a website for ESL/EFL learners and teachers of English with dynamic speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation activities, chat rooms, discussion boards, e-pal database, e-cards, lesson plans and more.

To Learn English

free materials to learn or teach English for ESL/EFL learners and teachers (grammar,

exercises, courses, interactive pages)

Diana's Place

Hot Potatoes Games and Quizzes - interactive exercises and games.

Nellie's English Projects

content based lessons designed to provide students and teachers with clear instructions on how to write and present research papers. Students are evaluated for the process as well as for the final product.

ESL Language Center

INTERLINK's ESL Resource Center provides free English lessons, exercises, games and links for learners and teachers of English.

English Club Links

English Club's list of EFL / ESL / TEFL / TESL links

English Links

a list of various ESL sites with lots of interesting things (quizzes, lesson plans, reading, writing, listening, etc.)

Search the web for

Links for Students,
Links for Teachers
What's New
Maintained by The Internet TESL Journal.



Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning

Created by the Center for Language Education And Research at Michigan State University.

Online programs for recording, uploading, mixing, and interacting. Free!

Cutting Edge Online CALL Programs

(Jim Duberís)


Europeís leading broad band network.


Text Analyzer from Lexicool


Talking Stories

There is a new site called Scribd that allows you to type a document on your computer, easily upload it to Scribd in seconds, and then the site immediately posts your document on the Internet with audio speaking the text. This is an extraordinary site for English Language Learners. They can easily post what they write and listen to how it sounds. They can use pictures and text or just plain text. You can also see student examples there and see this link under Student Talking Stories at


A free TTS or Text-to-Speech Engine. Developer of award-winning text-to-speech software for Windowsģ based operating systems. Reads any text you see on your screen - all purpose text-to-speech software.

ReadingBar 2 for Internet Explorer reads any web page, makes mp3/wav files, zooms any page, text-only version web pages, translates and much more!

ReadPlease ReadingBar

Explains ReadingBar Supported Control Codes for Volume, Speed, Pronunciation, Spelling, Silence and Choice of Voices.

Speaks for Itself Text-to-Speech Program

Microsoft Reader - Download Text-to-Speech Package

Download Microsoft Reader software here. Microsoft Reader 2.0 is the new standard for electronic publishing and reading on screen.

Natural Readers

Paralinkís TTS

TTS Voice engine that converts text into lifelike spoken audio in a variety of languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian. Get best quality voice and pronunciation; practice your speaking and listening skills; see real-time spoken text selection; realistic speaking characters personalize your language experience; and use voice player functions to replay text.

Soft Sea

Softsea.comís TTS Download; Also called ProTecSoft VoiceMate or Verbose TTS.

This software provides Text-to-Voice conversion from any Windows application. CoolSpeech With this, you can listen to online news from any URL, Email messages or any other text.

Verbose TTS

Free Download

Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)

Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!


Institute for Cross-Cultural Training

a Wheaton College site that links to good articles, some from CETC, the Christian TESOL caucus. SLA Resources.


Links to all sorts of resources, ESL articles, language and outreach tools for working with different ethno-linguistic groups. These include Language Resources and Bible tools in Arabic, Aramaic, Chinese, Japanese-English, Greek/Latin versions, Indonesian, Iranian, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Urdu, and Songs in various languages.


Searchenginez' Translate Websites

May well be the best overall translation site, as it has many translation engines available for free use. It can also even guess which language you are typing in, using 3 such programs:

1) MLTT Language Identifier (which can guess 47 languages), 2) Stochastic Language Identifier (13 langauges, and 3) TextCat Demo (a walking Rosetta Stone that can guess 77 languages accurately!). Just try to compete with that.

Language translation services

high quality and affordable translation services from and to almost all languages of the world.

Translation Wizard

Free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages!


Translation Town

Online Translation Marketplace for translation service buyers and professional translators. Free online translation. Find a translator or sell your translations directly online, a great place if you have a large translation to be completed.

Translation Town Dictionary

Online Dictionary from Word 2 Word Language Resources - Breaking the barriers of language through learning. Dictionaries, language courses, language chat, automatic translation available across a very wide range of languages.

World Reference

French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish online dictionaries with online translation facility.

All One Search

Online Dictionaries and Translation Engines


Tradukka is a simple translation site. Itís just a re-packaging of Google Translate, but itís a very nice re-packaging. The interface is more attractive and accessible.


English Learning Tutorial

English Studies

Language Learning

'Real' Language Resources

Literary Resources

Linguistics Resources

'Infrastructure' Resources


TESOL Courses

to get you teaching English anywhere in the world. Our courses are open to everyone, no experience or qualifications needed.

TEFL Courses

Take weekend or online tefl courses from anywhere in the world. You could be following your dream job in your dream location by teaching English.

TEFL Asia - Teachers Connect

devoted to the training and placement of skilled English teachers all over the SE Asia region.


Reports on Translation Software.


These translation programs are intended for giving a general gist of meaning, not as a substitute for human translation. However, this is the best quick view of Machine Translation options online, covering 13 online translation engines.

TRAVEL TIPS AND LINKS is a free search engine from Travelzoo. is "a streamlined way to compare flights...featuring an extremely simple-looking interface to compare flight options from multiple services." It simultaneously searches hundreds of airline sites, including JetBlue, United, Virgin America, Qantas, British Airways and most others, as well as popular online travel agencies like Travelocity and Vayama. With just a click, users go directly to the airline or online agency to finish booking..

Translation UK

London based translation agency offering high-quality translation.

Translation, Transcription and Interpreting Services: Language Translation Service is a translation company providing translation, transcription and interpreting services in a broad range of fields and languages.

Travel Online

Great Travel Tips and Links from Jim Becker.

TravelPod Ė a FREE travel blog

With TravelPod you can easily:

  • Post unlimited photos and videos alongside your memories.
  • Write about your trip so your friends and family can read about your adventures as you experience them.
  • Plot your trip on a map for everyone to see.
  • Send and receive messages from friends and family.

Your blog will never expire, so neither will your memories. Start your own travel blog today, or head to to find out more about how you can:

Create your FREE travel blog to share your photos and stories!

  • Share your travel experiences
  • Stay in touch while you travel!
  • Discover the world
  • See the world through travelers' eyes
  • Find travelers near you
  • Meet the TravelPod Community
  • Find friends on TravelPod
  • Stay in contact with friends.


The British Council

The UK's international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

Foreign languages for travelers

Travel industry search engine

The UK travel guide

HM USA travel guide

Travel Post

Free Maps to discuss traveling in 262 Countries!

Map Quest

Use this great free online mapping service for US and international map searches.

Imaginary Postcards

Mystery or imaginary postcards may be sent between teacher and students, in which various places are described. Just tell students what to include in their ďDream Vacation Mystery PostcardsĒ!

The Independent Newspaperís Travel Section

Your Holiday Disaster and Your Questions, Our Experts pages from The Independent Newspaperís Travel Section. Use to get students to Brainstorm about: Transport, what to pack, where to visit and what to do, where to stay, people and cultures to observe. Creative Focus: Compare your best and worst vacations.

Lonely Planet

Dream holiday planning. Talk about and plan your ďDream Vacation!Ē

Travel Rough Guides

Dream holiday planning. Talk about and plan your ďDream Vacation!Ē

London Town

London holiday tour. Search for data on any other city youíd like to visit.

Theme Park Travel

Virtual Disney Tour

Travel Times

Travel Times, Dates

Compare Times around the world. Quick and easy to work with.

UK Public Transport Information

with links to all major means of travel in the UK.

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam tours operator, Vietnam hotels reservation, Vietnam ticket booking, Vietnam car rental.



Central TV UK

Channel 4 UK


TV Guide (USA)

View TV Listing Sections to discuss any interesting or favorite programs. Use TV online schedules for your country or for any English-speaking country to discuss what kind of programs are showing and when to watch them.


MyStrands TV

MyStrands released a personalized online video service called MyStrands.TV. You can type in an artist or tag and it creates a customized "channel" for you. MyStrands.TV is powered by MyStrands APIs and the music videos come from YouTube. Some music data is provided by Muze, Inc. Itís an easy way to organize or personalize Music Videos. MyStrands.TV adds an easier, richer and more fun personalization layer on top of YouTube's data. MyStrands is a music discovery and social networking site, which in June 2007 raised $25 Million to lead the social recommendation industry".

Take TV

Take TV Mobile Device enables you to transfer video from PC to TV anywhere!


Free open-source TV/video platform.



Many interesting links to such topics as art, business, books, computers, educational resources, entertainment, fun and games, history, language arts, math, museums & libraries, music, nature, online safety, places, schools, science, sports and for teens .




Teen Advice

Ask for advice about typical teenage problems. Advanced and sensitive issues, so best to check these out first teachers!



Many features including Dictionary, Translation, Biographies, IM Buddies, etc.


ETNI Rag is the English Teachersí Network in Israel. Feel free to contribute.


Open Source Technology Group

Source Forge

Over 132,000 Open Source projects making it the the world's largest destination for Open Source.


IT Managers Journal


Fresh Meat


(also see IT and E-Learning)


The International Society for Technology in Education.


Testing Language: Second Language Testing Foundation, USA


OWL Testing Software

When it comes time to explore technology that educators can use for testing and assessing reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in an online environment, consider OWL Testing Software.


This free program can help you create and keep track of classes, coursework, track it and assess it online.

Test Creator Activity Module for Moodle Users

TOEIC Study Site (English or Japanese)



European Association for Language Testing and Assessment


Beginnerís Magazine with Writing Help



offers free TOEFL, TOEIC and English Grammar and Vocabulary Practice Tests.

Test Your English Online

has lots of free and cheap practice downloads or CDs of offer.

has fun games to try.


My Word Coach

Online Vocabulary Game

Vocabulary Levels Tests and Other Vocabulary Tests Online at LexTutor for free

Includes 4 Receptive/Recognition and 3 Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests (at 5 levels); a Word Association Test (both print and interactive); and a Yes-No Real vs. Not Real Word Test (both print and interactive) with the same test in French.


Other Weblogs Inc. Network blogs you might be interested in:








Cisco Creates Public Tele-presence Centers

Telepresence, Video Conferencing Everyone Is Talking About Mobile Social Networking e-Marketer forecasts that mobile social networking will grow from 82 million users in 2007 to over 800 million worldwide by 2012.


The Tale of Three Trees

Childrenís Christmas story retold by Angela Elwell Hunt

Library of dictionary and translation links

Free Online Dictionary, Translation and Reference Services. Your guide to free online dictionary and translation services. With definitions in most languages, thesaurus, word of the day & encyclopedia links.

Hot Potatoes programs

for creating online tests. Free lesson construction software to build a teaching website; includes crosswords, gap-fills, cloze tests, matching, multiple choice and jumbled exercises.

Online tests to check your own English level

Evaluate your English proficiency level using British Councilís Learn English Site. Test or Assess your English level in four areas with these free tests:

  • Vocabulary Level
  • Grammar Level
  • Listening Level
  • Reading Level

Merit-Bay Online Test Engine

Merit-Bay helps recruiters to assess skills of candidates in various IT topics. Individuals are encouraged to measure their skill levels. Email alerts, Issuing Certificates, Forum Options, Answer Reports for each test, Graphical report for comparing the candidate's performance are the special features of Merit-Bay.

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

PlasmaLink Web Services provides the Glossary of Instructional Strategies as a resource for all educators

Task-Based Language Teaching

TBLT includes teaching approaches using communicative and interactive tasks as the central units for the planning and delivery of instruction. Such an active and authentic approach to language education is said to provide an effective basis for language learning. When designing language education websites with Task-Based Learning and Teaching goals in mind, three major parameters of subjective enjoyment and objective effectiveness as well as technological efficiency should all be considered.

Teacher Tube

A video site which provides educators with a place to view and upload videos that "address specific learning objectives and/or provide professional development for educators."

Life-Long Learning

Nellieís English Projects: Educational Portal for life long learning.

Communicate. Collaborate. Educate.

Distance Learning and Tele-Communications.

Elluminate pays attention to how people communicate, educate, and collaborate in the real world. You'll see this reflected in their commitment to developing the enabling technology that advances these activities in the virtual world. Built on their unique No User Left Behindô technology, Elluminate Live!ģ 7.0 delivers enhanced accessibility, functionality, and usability that facilitates small group collaboration, enables blended online/onsite learning, creates dynamic online communities that foster social networking, and much more.

Great free Collaboration Tool!

TOEFL Mail Magazine

(Japanese and English)

Text-to-Speech Products

Both free and commercial listed here for download.

E-Learning and Ed Tools | Web 2.0 Tools.

Online Teaching Tools

Collection of many online tools for teaching and learning.

Icing on the Cake

Online Tools for Teaching and Learning. Recommended Sites for Teachers. Collaborating, Social Networking Sites.

Learn Tagalog Now

Learn Tagalog Now offers Tagalog and Filipino Language courses including Idioms and Slang. Downloadable, Sleep Learning and MP3. Free Philippines Smart Phone, Pocket Pc Themes and a downloadable Philippines yearly calendar of Holidays and Events.

TOEIC and TOEIC Free and Commercial Practice Tests


The Internet TESL Journal is an electronic journal filled with practical articles on ideas for the classroom and is a good place for teachers to learn from their peers. This online journal typically comes out once a month. Back issues are kept online as well.

Total Immersion Enterprises

Total Immersion Enterprises offer Total Immersion Plus, a new methodology for the acquisition and/or tutoring of any language. Says ďstudents can become fluent in just 200 hours,Ē and if you believe you can do that, then maybe you are a genius or maybe not. TIE specializes in Scottish Gaelic.

Learning to Teach Online

An accredited online distance education course aimed at teachers, lecturers, trainers, content developers who wish to transfer their existing skills to an online environment. LeTTOL stands for Learning To Teach Online and it has been delivered since 1997 to in excess of 2000 learners. It helps participants gain the skills needed to develop and deliver online courses of all kinds. It can help you make the Internet a powerful, flexible and accessible way to learn.

Maryland Teacher Technology Standards

This site includes information, processes, and best practice videos to help teachers enhance their knowledge base of how to best infuse technology into teaching and learning.

Maryland Teacher Technology Standards

Information Technology and Website Evaluation.

Currently tracking 86.1 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media. Technorati is the recognized authority on what's happening on the World Live Web, right now. The Live Web is the dynamic and always-updating portion of the Web. They search, surface, and organize blogs and the other forms of independent, user-generated content (photos, videos, voting, etc.) increasingly referred to as ďcitizen media.Ē These include videos, music, movies, games, DVDs and News clips and stories.

Education and E-Learning Blogs Library

Top 100 Ed Blogs, etc.

Texas Computer Education Association

TCEA 2007 Handouts

Tokyo Baptist Church

Probably the largest and one of the most contemporary, warm and inviting international churches in Tokyo, Japan. Members from over 40 nations.

Travel Tours with Pictures

Time converter


Instantly add buttons to your Toolbar.


Tuziís Fusion of Language and Technology Homepage.

Tianji is the first Chinese social networks on OpenSocial. is another social network, the first Chinese partner of OpenSocial.

Task-based Language Teaching

Review of Skehanís 'A Cognitive Approach to Learning Language', 1998, OUP

Online Games: Buzz-off Save the Bees, etc.

Typing/Keyboard Practice

Flash-based, interactive, keyboarding practice page that allows the user to print out a chart of statistics.

Assessment and Rubrics

Class assessment and rubrics ideas from Kathy Schrock.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Ideas and overall tips for successful parent-teacher conferences.


Sinorama magazine (recently renamed as Taiwan Panorama) for Online Reading practice.

The Sinorama articles are mainly about issues in Taiwan in such areas as politics, economics, arts, society, culture, and ecology. An electronic corpus consisting of 10,000+ texts!


Twinfluence and Twitter Grade: Create groups with your Twitter friends and start posting messages.


Call any US landline phone number for free.


Instant message with people through this USB portable client.

Travel Agents and Tickets

via YellowPages.Travel (Search all travel sites at once!)

Topics Online Magazine

Online Magazine for Learners of English

TOPICS offers learners of English an opportunity to express and publish their ideas in English to an online audience.


Technical Terminology explained in Basic English



by Prof. Yoshiko Aizawa in his new book on BASIC, published in Japan in 2007.


Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) Video Transcripts

Bill Pellowe's homepage

Translation Services

Wisetranslations is one of the leading providers of professional human language translation and proofreading services for websites and documents at a reasonable cost. Our customers enjoy first class 24/7 customer support and live chat features.

Translation Agency

Translation agency that provides high quality professional Translation services to business clients based in the UK or abroad. Our wide range of translation services includes legal translations, financial translations, medical translations and marketing translations.

TEFL Teaching options in Japan and Korea, as well as cultural, living, and travel info. Free manual for TEFL methodology and an English game database that uses category tags, such as 'high school games', 'speaking games', etc. for easy searching.


TinkrBox allows for easy collections of thumbnail images of images and websites. Use them to help students develop higher-order thinking skills, including categorization. It's called TinkrBox. After registration, you're able to easily just paste the url address of an image and website into a box, and then its image appears. You can write a "tag" for the box or boxes, and the url address of your collection can be made public and accessible by others if you want. It's worth a look. See more of The Best Social Bookmarking Applications For English Language Learners & Other Students.


TESOL's EVO Sessions


Today Translations

If you want an agency providing translation, localisation and conference-interpreting services, Today Translations can do them all. It comes from their passion for languages and dedication to international business. It comes from their fast turnaround, made possible with a database of over 2,600 linguists!

Language Translation Service is a translation company providing translation, transcription and interpreting services in a broad range of fields and languages.

Many of you may be familiar with the international ThinkQuest contest each year. Students around the world create educational websites.

ThinkQuest Competition

Over 7,000 websites created by students around the world who have participated.

ThinkQuest — New York City

ThinkQuest — New York City acts as a more local competition. Clicking on that link will lead you to many accessible websites created by students, including: * The New Seven Wonders Of The World; * The Buzz On Bees; and * Great Wonders Of The World.

Neat Lincoln Memorial Interactive

The National Parks Service has put together a really exceptional interactive on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. See others at The Best Resources About President's Day.

FREE Text-To-Speech Programs (TTS)

Programs for converting text into speech that you can use for free online:

Questions & Answers: "What are the best free text to speech programs online?"
Here you'll find a few questions and answers about free text to speech programs that are online.

Use this list to help you find more of the best language translation tools that are online.

Is there a free text to speech program to meet my need?

I know of an online program that will take any text and play it back for you as speech, plus this text to speech tool gives you a link to embed your spoken text into a web page. This is the best of all the FREE programs I have tested:

vozMe online free text to speech program

with this online text to speech program, you can convert text into speech. This online text translation program differs from others in such that it will convert your text into speech and then create an mp3 file out of it. This text to speech tool is 100% free to use and they even have a bunch of options for webmasters to display the tool on their website.

Convert text to speech with this free online tool. Just enter your text, select one of the voices and download the resulting mp3 file to your computer. This service is free and you are allowed to use the speech files for any purpose, including commercial uses. This online text to speech program is amazingly simple....5 stars!

Xtranormal: Text-to-Movie

Program to convert your text into a movie for free.


This is a list of websites and blogs on the Internet where you'll be able to uncover information about many other text to speech programs and language translation tools. Some of these links will take you to other free text to speech programs and some will take you to web pages where others are talking about the tools listed on this page.

Instantly convert text to text and speech free?

I use this free online language translator to quickly convert any text to text or text to speech. It's completely free to use and your translated text 'instantly' appears on the screen.

Audio editor program converts text to speech

This is actually an audio editor program but it has the ability to convert text to speech. After your text to speech translation tasks are complete, you can clean them up!

Amazing speech to text software tool

This blog is authored by someone who uses a speech to text software program called Dragon Naturally Speaking and finishes a blog post every single day despite the fact that he is a quadriplegia.

Free text to speech program called ReadAloud

Looking for a free text to speech software program that will read your text out loud? If so, you'll want to check this one out because it reads the text from various sources out loud. The program will also read the text of web pages and read it back to you (spoken speech).

Text to speech software

Here's a question on LiveJournal that asks if anyone knows any text to speech programs that will convert the speech into a file format like mp3. There is one text to speech program that will even play your text back as speech using an animated character.

TTS voice online text to speech program features

If you're one of the people who is searching the Internet for the best free online text to speech programs, then your search is almost over. This page will provide some information about my all-time favorite online text to speech program that is absolutely

Text to speech voice program for practicing verbal talking skill

To use TTS Voice, simply copy some text from anywhere online or out of any document and then paste it into the text box. Alternatively, you can type directly into the text box for text to speech conversion. Next, select the language you want for your text to speech conversion and then click the 'Say It' button which will open up a new window and play your converted text in addition to a few other interesting little features that are a part of TTS Voice.

Japplis Speech - Online Text-to-Speech

Free online text-to-speech application. No account needed. Include different modes such as speak while you're typing. The first word may have some delay as the voice is loading at the first start-up.

Expressivo - Free Text to Speech Reader Service

Expressivo is a computer program that reads texts in a human voice. It's excellent during play, learning, relaxation or at work! You can listen to your favorite books, emails or anything found online.

IVONA - Free Text to Speech program

This online text to speech program is great. High-quality voices that clearly say your text out loud. Type in your text and download the converted file as an mp3. It's free!

Over at you can easily convert text to speech or web pages to speech. It's free and really easy to use so check it out if you are looking for a simple online text to speech program.

Convert blog to Speech - iSpeech

This text to speech program is for anyone running a blog that would like to add text to speech capabilities to that blog. All you have to do is type in your blog's RSS address and iSpeech says they will turn your blog into a talking blog. FREE of course.

Ready for another well-made text to speech tool that is 100 % free? Check out YakiToMe because it's supposed to be the one of the world’s best TTS software programs.

Speakonia text-to-speech GUI program

Here is a simple text-to-speech program that is free. It's called Speakonia and it has the ability to read text with a single mouse click. Speakonia can also read web pages and emails flawlessly. Save the text that is read to you as a .WAV file.


Class Parrot is a site designed for educators. This site allows teachers to text students to their mobile phones for free. Best of all, CP keeps everything private and allows parents to sign up to view a unique text code. This is a great way for teachers to keep students/parents up to do date on news, homework assignments, etc.

Thanksgiving Sites

Best Sites to Learn about

Technology-Rich Schools

Features of Technology-Rich Schools.


How teachers can affect people's lives like the kids in this video, now concerned for Sierra Leone.

TBN Films free online

Teachersí Internet Classroom Assistant

Simple Technology Guides

Simple Technology Guides (quick references)

Simple Technology Guides are simple, double-sided ďcheat sheetsĒ that can be printed out for many software applications. Custom Guides are added to The Best Places To Learn Computer Basics & How To Fix Tech Problems list.

Searchable TrackStar

Collect websites, enter them into TrackStar, add annotations for your students, and you have an interactive, online lesson called a Track. Create your own Track or use one of the hundreds of thousands already made by other educators. Search the database by subject, grade, or theme and standard for a quick and easy activity.

Technology Video Tutorials: Hundreds of no-cost technology video tutorials dealing with both hardware and software; great for quickly learning a new skill (the site is ad-based).


Send money abroad, the new way. Top trusted online money service.


RoomRecess is one of my all time favorite sites for finding a wide variety of educational online games. This is a great place for finding games in subjects such as: Math, Reading, Keyboarding, and more. These games are designed for students K-5 and are easy to play w/ high replay value. Educators can find lots of useful free games that will help reinforce skills (i.e. Typing, Spelling, Basic Math Skills).

Effects of required and optional exchange tasks in online language learning environments is a professional online communicator for collaborative meetings, instruction, learning and friendly chats with family and friends. Try its free Demo!

Join a live video chat now!

Free Demo Lessons

Internet-based, interactive audio-visual English learning center with instructions in 21 languages.

Free Demo and great online Business Opportunity!

Click on a flag to choose a language.

English  Chinese  Simplified Chinese  Russian  Spanish German Latvian-Lettish Hebrew Arabic Mongolian Korean Hungarian Dutch French Romanian Indonesian Estonian Polish IPortuguese Italian Lithuanian Turkish Japanese  Vietnamese  Thai  Tagalog

free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary From:     Word: 
online electronic translation tools

ESL Lounge

Free ESL Lesson Materials for teachers. Grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more. All free and printable.

Online Conference/Classroom
Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

Powered by
IP2Phrase allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of their defaults.


The web This site

Google Advanced Search
Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)
Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Babel Fish translation

Type or paste text or web address here:
Translate from:
Powered by Systran

FoxLingo Ė The Ultimate Language Tool!

(works only with Firefox)

Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc.

Main Features
  • Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
  • Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
  • Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
  • Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
  • Language Resources - Over 90 language services (encyclopedias, text-to-speech, etc.)
  • Ixquick - Metasearch engine with unique features, language search and complete privacy
  • Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites for a variety of languages
  • Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
  • Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from its users
Supports 45 languages & over 1,000 different language pairs

Afrikaans, Arabic, Aranese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh

Uses 35 free online web page translator services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Free Bible Commentary
Audio New Testaments Click on your country's flag to translate this site!
AltaVista Babel Fish Translation

Language Teacherģ. Electronic pocket talking translators

Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English.

Currency Converter
Time Converter

50 BEST Sites in 60 Minutes SLIDESHARE

2Lingual is BEST Bilingual Search Engine!

Web 20-21st Century Tools

Click to search in your own language!

TeachiT Video Lessons on IT/Ed Tech

Other Translations Here:

Dicts Info
www.dicts.infoís index page shows Flags and Links to free Web Dictionaries in about 80 languages.

All with Lesson Plans & Word/PDFiles.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

ESL Student & Teaching Links

Great Reading, Speaking & Vocabulary Activities

This site uses WordChamp to automatically translate words on this page into about 140 languages! CLICK for a free account so you can also SAVE new words into files.
Change Target Language Here:

Enable/disable reader bubbles:

Asia-Pacific CALL Top Teacher Resource Sites

APA CALL President J-B Son's Homepage
CALL Resources and Research

Internet-Based Language Instruction (IBLI)
Sample Work from J-B Son's Students

Internet-Based Language Teaching
(Roger Underwood Collection)

Distance & Self-Access Language Programs

English Specialist
English Specialist

EFL practice exercises

Web 2.0 Tools Slideshow

Information Technology Tools

"BEST of the Best"
of Larry Ferlazzoís most highly recommended websites to help you teach English, ESL or EFL!

The Best Websites Summarized
The "Best of the Best" Websites of 2007-2008

Website With 8,000 Links

Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher

International Childrenís Digital Library
10,000+ Childrenís Stories in many languages.

READ & HEAR Folktales and Legends from around the world!

More World Folktales from ESL Station

Speak English Today

ďGet in the Sandbox & Play with Us Kids!ĀEby using Twiddla Co-Browsing Tool Here:
Twiddle this page!

Top ESL/TESOL Programs
Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)
Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!

ESL Gold
ESL Gold explained in 15 languages!

ESL Point
ESL Point

A treasure trove of material for teaching and learning English


Mingoville is the world's most creative and comprehensive English language course online for kids of all ages.

Great Picture Book Maker!

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

List of A-Z Links to various language Encyclopedias and their Histories

Top 20 Web-based language learning activities/tasks - Andy Johnsonís annotated list of most useful CALL sites

Software sales

Free Language Translation Bar for 10 Languages.

Translate this page offers DAILY WORD PUZZLES, Root Word Study, etc to enhance vocabulary mastery and written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)

Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Voice Thread Collaborative Site for Educators

Add Audio (TTS) to Any Blog!

Media Converter

Use Universal Messenger for free media and file transfers. makes Mobile Publishing easy.
Access ANY size Device/Document/Image ANYWHERE!

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games.

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games. offers many FREE Vocabulary Tests online.

Click on the V to check how many words you know in English.

V-Check or can freely test your level!

Easy Dolch Word List Crossword Puzzles

fun with vocabulary

Computer Adaptive Test of Vocabulary Size & Strength

Take this free Vocabulary Size Test!

WordSmart: Test Your Vocab Level!

Free Vocabulary Levels Tests at LexTutor
Includes Receptive/Recognition and Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests; Word Association and Yes/No Tests

PROGRAMS MEASURING READABILITY provides Readability Scores for any Web pages and MS Word files in a flash!

The Internet Application for Creating Curriculum-Based Assessment Reading Probes

Improving Online Text Readability

Analyze text content using this free text analysis tool.

Discovery School
"The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom"

English Learning Resources
Ken Schmidtís Short-List

the Language Resource Room

Word Surfing vocabulary learning strategies

Top ESL & Teacher Sites

TESOLMAX Top Sites Top Sites
The Top Sites for English Learners

ESL Web Guide: Your Guide to the Best ESL/EFL Websites! Recommendations from Daveís ESL Cafe.

SEO - create one way text link ads to your website for top search engine listings.

I Love Languages

Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students

ITESLJ's Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Teachers

MES English games and other ESL / EFL resources for teachers

Foreign Word
translation wizard with free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages

Perceptia Press
ĀEConversation, Excel, Music, PowerPoint and Word textbooks. Great texts for personal or class use.
Click here to order

Itzalist Webring
Bilingual Webring

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