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CALL4ALL Membership - Full access to all the author's Research Articles, and 3 years of advice and support regarding recommended TESOL sites or curriculum materials.$20
Famous Leaders Who Influenced Japan's Internationalization (J.P. Loucky, 1994). A 335 A-4 page College Reader for upper intermediate and advanced English students. Biographies of important people who contributed to Japan's development.$20
Cross-Cultural Comparisons between Japan and America (Perrin, 1998. English or Japanese). Cross-Cultural Studies text is available in Japanese entitled "Nichibei Bunka Hikaku," or in English "A Comparison of Japanese & American Cultures," 258 pages. English versions are limited but may be copied upon request if ordered in bulk or with chapter tests.$20
Cross-Cultural Studies chapter tests$25
Listening to Love Songs with Cloze Exercises (J.P. Loucky, 2001).$20
Listening to Lovely Childrens' Songs and Lullabies (J.P. Loucky, 2000).$20
Listening for the Reasons for the Seasons (J.P. Loucky, 2002)$20
JPeg Bilingual Dictionary Program. (1996). Pocket-Transer Bilingual Dictionary Program. Essential for any language student for either Japanese to English or English to Japanese translation and study. (Mac Platform).$20
Can You Relate - a great interactive Conversational Game Book; extremely fun for college level English Oral classes.$20
One World, One Heart (by Susan & Stephen Schutz) - Vocabulary Needed to Understand this Poem for Peace (Worksheet for Dr. JP Louckyís English Classes)$5
Easy Language 16 - Learn the basics of 16 major languages for less than $2 per language! Great CD for learning basic vocabulary for 16 foreign languages.$30
The Beginning of Chinese Characters (in English)$20
Godís Promise to the Chinese (in Chinese)$10
Godís Promise to the Chinese (in English)$15
God and the Ancient Chinese (in English)$20
God and the Ancient Chinese (in Chinese)$20
Bible Stories Hidden in Chinese Characters: A Japanese Perspective (in English, in Japan)$10
Kanji ni Himerareta Seisho no Monogatari (#17 title in Japanese)$20
Power Point Bible Presentation (Overviews the entire English Bible with hundreds of color pictures - other languages to come soon)$50
Illustrated Japanese Bible - Power Point presentation$50
Computers for Communication Part A: Word (Perceptia Press)$20
Computers for Communication Part B: Excel (Perceptia Press)$20
Computers for Communication Part C: PowerPoint (Perceptia Press)$20
Land of Song and Story: An Introduction to Ireland (Perceptia Press)$20
Octopus Activities - material for a conversation, discussion, presentation, or research-based courses (Perceptia Press)$20

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